Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones

For easy and delicious Mother's Day Breakfast!

Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones

Sharing with you, lite and buttery, fresh strawberry and cream scones! Perfect for Sunday Breakfast with Mom, on Mother's Day! The best thing about these scones? These just need 10 minutes of prep! By the time, coffee/tea brews and oven preheats, you will be ready to usher scones into the oven. And then just in 15-18 minutes, breakfast with Mom: fresh just-out-of-the-oven Scones, coffee, some jam on the side and delicious chit-chat!!

Sounds great! Isn't it?

Fresh Baked Strawberry and Cream Scones for Delicious Sunday Breakfast

Breakfast has always been a great deal in my home. Specially Sunday breakfasts generally turn into a heavy brunch. These days, Vishal, is mostly busy on Saturdays....  Sunday is my only day to be little lazy and lavish ;) I don't bake a lot of sweets year-around but savory scones, muffins, my ever favorite breads, and cinnamon rolls are few of my favorite homemade baked goods for Sunday Breakfast/Brunch.

I find, everyone, very intimidated with baking scones at home. I find them very easy to make. To me, key to making perfectly lite scones is using: very lite hand to handle the dough. And making sure butter doesn't melt in flour. Remember, firm the butter, flaky and lite the scones.  

Making of Strawberry and Cream Scones

Also, just so that you know, there are two ways of making scones: with eggs, cream, and less butter Or without eggs with more butter, baking soda and some sour base like buttermilk. Vishal is not so fan of baking-soda in scones, so I opted for egg and less butter method.   I also was little skeptical to use fresh strawberries, but strawberries didn't disappoint me! I was ecstatic when perfect scones came out of the oven!

Lite Sweet Fresh Strawberry Scones for Breakfast

Scones bring back a lot of old memories for me. When I was working, Vishal and I, used to grab Monday breakfast, from a local bakery, on our way to office. It always happened that Monday was most tough (those days) for me to put breakfast on table. Not any more :) but, yes those days, Monday used to be scone and coffee breakfast, ALL the time! That bakery had THE best scones I ever had in my life. I always thought: One day I will bake scones like that! I think... time passes so quickly... feels like yesterday when I was wondering how to make'em....

Breakfast with Fresh Baked Strawberry Scones and Tea


1. These scones are best when served, just out of the oven!
2. Make sure to dice strawberries small and never over mix the fruit in dough.
3. You can use any fresh berries like blueberries, raspberries, or even dried cranberries for these scones.
4. As per my taste, I have kept these scones very low-sugar. If you like scones very sweet, add 1-2 tbsp more sugar in the batter. OR serve jam and salted butter (my favorite) on the side.

Fresh Strawberry and Cream Scones for Mothers Day Breakfast

Have a great day!


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Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones

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Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: French () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 8 Scones - Serves: 4


Fresh Strawberry Scones
Smart Swap: Use blueberries or raspberries instead of strawberries.


  • 1. Preheat oven at 400 degree Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 2. In a wide bowl, add flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. Whisk to combine and evenly distribute everything. Add in cold diced butter.
  • Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 3. With a pastry cutter incorporate butter into flour until it resembles coarse crumbs. For flaky and lite scones, butter should not melt. Additional Notes: If not using pastry cutter, I combine butter in flour with hand and then refrigerate for 20 minutes while I prep rest of the ingredients.
    Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 4. In a small bowl, combine 2 eggs with heavy cream. Whisk to combine everything. Also, dice the strawberries if not already.
  • Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 5. Add egg mixture (all mixture, just leave 2 tbsp mixture for brushing on top of scones) to flour mixture and combine with gentle fork/spatula strokes until dough just comes together. Add strawberries, just use 1-2 strokes to combine berries with dough.
    Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 6. Transfer dough to flour dusted work surface. Knead until it just comes together (2-3 times). Dough should be lite and soft. Pat the dough to make a 8-9 inch wide (diameter) circle. Use a flour dusted knife/dough cutter, divide dough into 8 equal wedges (as you would slice a pizza).
  • Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 7. Place cut dough wedges on parchment lined baking sheet at-least 2 inches apart.
    Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 8. Brush remaining egg mixture on top and sprinkle with granulated coarse sugar. Bake in preheated oven for 15-18 minutes until tops are golden brown.
  • Step for Recipe - Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones 9. Transfer to a wire rack to cool slightly before serving. Best when served immediately with butter or jam.

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24 Responses

  1. This recipe was easy and delicious, the only thing I changed was adding white chocolate chips.
    White Chocolate chips sounds good! Thanks for sharing the feedback.
  2. Absolutely delicious Scones. So glad I came across your blog. Great pictures and love reading your write up.
  3. Delicious scones. Nice pictures
  4. Savita, these scones look delicious! I've never made them before and need to try yours!
    Rachelle, thanks my friend! Glad you like'em!
  5. Scones are the best fancy but not hard to make brunch item there is. And these sound absolutely incredible! I was super intimidated the first time I made scones, but I was pleasantly surprised with how beautifully they turned out. Contemplating giving this recipe a try this weekend!
    true! Scones are not hard to make at all! Plus perfect for a delicious weekend breakfast :) Erin, I'm sure you gonna love these ones too!
  6. Mmm those scones look super awesome! So delicious and flavorful looking!! :)
    thanks, Christina!
  7. Love scones and lazy breakfast too Savita!! These are just perfection. Pinning!
    Oriana, lazy breakfast is BEST thing on Sunday and that too with scones, super yummy too! :) thanks for pin girl! You rock!
  8. Awesome! Indeed time passes so quickly. Scones look so buttery and full of YUM! Hope you had a great Sunday! :D
    :) thanks, Anu! Yes, Sunday was great and super busy :)
  9. Love scones and these are perfect for a weekend breakfast/brunch! Love the fresh strawberries, and yeah, they taste best, when they are fresh!
    We are on same page, Mira! Scones are great for breakfast and for weekend breakfast, as they taste BEST when served fresh baked!
  10. The scones look perfect:) I agree scones taste best when they are fresh out of the oven and they aren't difficult to make at all. Coffee + Homemade Scones = Best Breakfast! This is pinned!
    Yes, breakfast with scone and coffee is one of the best thing I had for longtime, on Mondays :) High five.... for PIN!
  11. These scones look amazing! I have only ever tried to make scones once, and it didn't work out so well :(. I need to try yours!
    Annie, I'm sure you gonna love these ones! Me too used to think, scones are hard to make, but not any more!
  12. Wonderfully presented super delicious scones savita:)...Can't wait to grab some:)
    Padma, thanks! All yours my friend!
  13. I was planning to do blueberry scone :) These looks delicious!!!beautiful presentation as always! Can I have some dear ??
    :) All yours Kushi, my friend! I would love to try your blueberry scones version soon :) Have a great day!