Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers

Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers

This fabulous dinner you can make under 25 minutes!! My Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers are juicy, spicy, flavorful, and very delicious! And so easy to prepare, that sometimes, these burgers are on my weekday menu, twice!

Just like you, there are evenings when I don't want to see kitchen... Specially, when I'm tired or not exactly sure what am I cooking for dinner! Oh yes! Even though I blog about food, there are times when I have no concrete plans for dinner. This mostly happens when I'm about done with fresh ingredients in refrigerator and have only one or two items left.

Even though, I'm scratching my head for ideas...... I'm not in mood of take-out either! So, I head to kitchen and look for something which will inspire me.... to be that exciting cook again :)

Spicy Southwest Albacore Tuna Burgers | chefdehome.com

When I made these burgers first time, I had: Chipotle in Adobo, some salad greens, bell peppers, and fresh home baked Ciabatta Rolls! 

Chipotle in Adobo!!!! I'm crazy for it! That alone ONE ingredient can inspire to make a three course meal! Plus fresh baked Ciabatta rolls acted like fuel-in-fire!

In no time, I was ready to make some spicy (chipotle) burgers (Ciabatta rolls)!

Out-of-fresh-produce means we are almost out-of-fresh-meat, as well! This took me to my pantry looking for Vishal's favorite, White Albacore Tune. He says, he had a lot Albacore Tuna when he started his career and was working in UK.

So, next moment I was making, Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers!

Spicy Southwest Albacore Tuna Burgers | chefdehome.com

Every ingredient just felt like made for the albacore tuna. Smoky chipotle, oregano, lime juice, bell peppers really made canned tuna star of these burgers. I have not used or eaten a lot of canned tuna in my life, but these easy tuna burgers were a 'reward dinner' for that  lazy weeknight!! (and it is no paid advertisement)

In-fact, Vishal liked these tuna burgers so much that I have made so many times since then...

The easy southwest spice-mix is so flavor packed, I can definitely imagine, even cooking chicken burgers, using same flavorings!

PS: If you don't like canned tuna, you can also use fresh tuna for these burgers. Just poach or steam the tuna fish before using in the recipe.

Spicy Juicy and flavorful Tuna Burgers | chefdehome.com

Tuna patties cook very quickly, just 3 minutes each side and need very less oil. I often use a non-stick cooking pan and less oil to cut on the amount of oil. If serving later, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.

Once patties are ready, I usually layer two small patties per burger, top with fresh crunchy greens, sliced jalapenos, and some mild salsa! Perfection!

Just sit with glass of your favorite wine, tuna burgers and enjoy an easy dinner!

Friends, THIS dinner, fly from kitchen to dinner table, under 25 minutes!!

Chipotle Spiced Albacore Tuna Burgers for dinner under 25 minutes | chefdehome.com

I have a feeling Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers is going to be a new favorite for you as well. Try it once, chance are it will make a fix place in your menu.

Here are a few lite salads to pair with burgers:

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Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers

Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Tuna Burgers - Serves: 4


Tuna Patties
Burgers Toppings
Smart Swap: You can also use fresh poached cod fillets or crab meat for this recipe.


  • Step for Recipe - Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers 1. Add tortilla chips to a plastic bad and crush using roller pin to small pieces. About size of rice crispy. Set aside.
    Step for Recipe - Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers 2. In a wide bowl, add chopped red bell pepper, cilantro, minced chipotle, spices, lime juice, salt and black pepper.
  • Step for Recipe - Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers 3. Add tuna, slightly beaten egg, and crushed tortillas to the bowl and mix everything together.
    Step for Recipe - Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers 4. Heat few tbsp oil in pan. So that oil will be half-way through the patties. While oil is heating, divide mixture to four equal portions and make patties, firmly pressing the ingredients together. Cook 2 patties at time, for 3 minute each side, or until are crispy and brown. Additional Notes: Don't flip tuna patties too many times. Let'em cook for 3 minutes, each side, before flipping.
  • Step for Recipe - Spicy Southwest Chipotle Albacore Tuna Burgers 5. Assemble - Slice Ciabatta rolls in half, brush with some oil and put on grill or skillet until toasted (optional). Layer tuna patties, salsa, fresh greens, sliced jalapeno on bottom half. Serve open face or put top half of ciabatta and serve. Serve chips and salsa on side. Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

For better results, you can refrigerate patties for 30 minutes to make'em hold together better.


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25 Responses

  1. A dinner as delicious as this in under 25 minutes? Definitely a recipe I need to try!
  2. Yum! I want to try making these patties! Hope I can find an equivalent to the chipotle in adobo here in Sydney
    Dani, thanks! It will be interesting to know if you could find chipotle in Australia or not. Chipotle is actually smoke-dried Jalapeno. If you can't find chipotle, add fresh minced jalapeno with smoked paprika to get slightly spicy and smoky flavor like chipotle.
  3. These look SO good, Savita! I definitely, definitely need to try them. I love the fact that you used canned tuna here - I have only ever seen that as a boring-add-some-mayo-and-make-bland-tuna-salad food, but you have totally elevated it! Love it!
    Annie, thanks for your such sweet words! I appreciate it.
  4. These look fantastic! I absolutely love tuna burgers and can't wait to try this!
    Thanks, Keri :) I hope you like it when you try!
  5. I have been planning to make buns since months, i just hope that i make them this summers and not postpone it for winters;) Huge sucker of burgers and chipotle sounds even better. Yum and cant believe it was all done in 25 minutes Savita..kudos
    Thanks, Shweta! I'm in mood to bake bread all season! So, Ciabatta Rolls/Buns are in my oven, every week! :) These burgers are really very simple to make. Once you bake or buy buns, cooking patties is really 4 steps given above!!!
  6. Indeed fabulous dinner Savita! Looks delicious and inviting! :)
    thanks, Anu!
  7. Even I also have blurred ideas what to cook at times and Such recipes save the day!!Looks so delicious!! love the colours, flavours and the recipe!!
    thanks, Puneet!
  8. Savita, these burgers look very good. Can I make these vegetarian?
    Neeli, thanks. I already emailed you. Just adding here I any other reader interested: You can replace tuna with 1/3 part beans(smashed) and 1/3 cooked rice(smashed) and 1/3 onion (sauted) to make vegetarian burgers using same seasonings.
  9. Chipotle in adobo sauce is DEF a staple in my kitchen as well! Love love love it! I don't have tuna but I do have wild Alaskan canned salmon from Costco so I'll be making this soon...once I have a working kitchen again. Things have been a bit hairy lately.
    Thanks, Min! Just take your time, relax, cooking can wait for few days! Without doubt, chipotle can make every thing so special! I'm sure Salmon burgers will taste equally delicious!
  10. They looks amazing savita. I want to have it right now :)I am hungry dear
    Thanks, Kushi! It is all yours :) I hope you can try it soon at home :)
  11. Wow!! This is one fabulous dinner Savita!! Looks sumptuously delicious!
    thanks, Kimberly for sweet words! I appreciate it!
  12. I can't eat too much tuna because of the mercury, but I love tuna burgers and I am loving all the flavours in yours. Yum!
    Dannii, thanks. It was indeed a very flavorful burger. Incase you want to try, these seasonings also make deliciously spicy chicken burgers.
  13. Oh this burger looks amazing, Savita! I've never had a tuna burger before, so I need to add this to my list to try. Love the zesty flavors on here!
    Thanks, Gayle!