Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch

Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch
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This fresh marinara (tomato pasta sauce) will change the way you think about homemade Italian marinara sauce! I promise! Just 5 ingredients and fresh tomatoes can make such delicious store-quality high-end Marinara that your friends will poke you for days..... to get recipe!  

Oh Yes!! it is made with just fresh and seasonal ripe roma tomatoes! Read on to know, how?

Well, when I started cooking Italian food at home. The first thing I wanted to learn was to cook Marinara: THE quintessential Italian pasta sauce. For a long time, I remained rigid to my gut-feel: I will not use canned tomatoes.

But, here is a catch!

Let's face it! Raw tomatoes cannot yield that lush, delicious, and flavorful pasta sauce. Thing is, canned tomatoes have concentrated tomato flavor that is MUST for good marinara sauce. Since I decided to not use canned, I learned the technique to blanch the tomatoes and then use in sauce. I have shared recipes for both, How to Blanch and Can Tomatoes and Blanched Tomato Marinara, earlier.

Best Italian Homemade Tomato Pasta Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes |

Frankly, I was still finding my marinara lacking that "Italian" taste. So, I switched to canned version one day. Even though, I only use organic and low-sodium canned San Marjano tomatoes....... a thought still haunted me always...... Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Tomatoes.... 

Being a self taught home cook :), I always watch-out for expert tips by best culinary minds around the world! You know, in every field, you should always keep learning! I'm an addict of food shows on TV! One day, I stumbled upon a channel on TV which was telecasting a Mexican cooking Show! You know, I'm a hard-core fan of Mexican cuisine and needless to say, that day, I did not change channel for a long time!!

I'm sure you thinking..... Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce and Mexican Cuisine!!?? Where is this girl headed?

Well, well, a cooking method is a most valuable asset for any cook and you can learn it from anywhere! And lucky for me, tomatoes are BIG part of both, Mexican and Italian, cuisines!

Host of the show Pati shared an awesome idea to concentrate the flavor of fresh tomatoes with far less effort! Yes friends, she shared her little secret and I just jumped with joy! She told to broil fresh and ripe Roma tomatoes until skin is charred under oven broiler. This not only concentrates the flavor of tomatoes, but also deepens the color, makes tomatoes release juices just like canned tomatoes.

I immediately went to kitchen and broiled few tomatoes. She was so so right! Amazingly, I have been broiling and roasting tomatoes since long..... but, I really never thought to use it for day-to-day cooking.

You know?! When tomatoes are not so ripe and are dull in color... they don't give grace to any gravy..... whether it is Indian Curry, Italian Marinara sauce, or Mexican Sauces...... red and ripe tomatoes are MUST!! The cooking technique I'm sharing today makes any tomato-based gravy extra delicious in flavor!

So, these days, whenever I get fresh tomatoes from store, I broil a batch and keep it refrigerated. Then, for cooking fresh marinara or Indian curries, I just puree and use these juicy and flavor-bomb broiled tomatoes.

Easy Preservative Free Italian Homemade Tomato Pasta Sauce only using Fresh Tomatoes |

I'm sure you guess by now, this fresh tomato marinara has lush red color due to 20 minutes fire-bath under broiler! (If you don't have oven, medium stove flame will also do.)

And believe me, it has very store-bought top-brand's Marinara flavor without any preservatives!!

And guess what? Just and just 5 ingredients to make fresh pasta with fresh sauce, at home! How good does that sound?

So, friends! No matter where you live, have oven or not..... fresh ripe tomatoes or not... with this recipe you can enjoy a rustic Italian pasta with Pasta Sauce made at home... as delicious as high quality Store Bought!!

Homemade Pasta Sauce are my weakness! Here are few scrumptious and easy recipes, made from scratch with homemade pasta sauce!

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Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch

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Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Italian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3 Servings - Serves: 3


Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce
Smart Swap: Replace Penne Pasta with Zucchini Ribbons for healthy and gluten free weeknight meal.


  • Step for Recipe - Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch 1. Core tomatoes, place on aluminum sheet tray. Coat with 1 tbsp oil and sprinkle generous pinch or two or salt and black pepper.
    Step for Recipe - Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch 2. Roast tomatoes until skin is charred. Broiler Method: Place under broiler for 20 minutes or until skin is charred and pulp is soft. Turn once after 10 minutes. Open Gas Flame Method: Close the aluminum foil from all sides to make pouch. Place direct on medium flame and keep an eye. Cook for 15 minutes. Package will be hot, handle with care.
  • Step for Recipe - Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch 3. Once tomatoes roasted, remove and set aside to cool slightly. If planning to use later, transfer to pot with all juice collected on aluminium foil. Once at room temperature, tomatoes will stay good for 1 week in refrigerator.
    Step for Recipe - Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch 4. For marinara, in a pot, heat remaining 1 tbsp oil. Puree roasted tomatoes and add to the pot with oregano, basil, red pepper flakes.
  • Step for Recipe - Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch 5. Add 1/2 cup low-sodium vegetable (or chicken, if not looking to make vegan) stock. Season with 1/4 tsp salt. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes to fortify the herbs and garlic flavor.
    Step for Recipe - Best Homemade Tomato Sauce from Scratch 6. Cook your favorite pasta or zucchini noodles. Pour generous amount of pasta sauce, garnish with fresh herbs, serve and enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

Can be Vegan: Just skip cheese mentioned in serving suggestions.

Can be Gluten Free: Use Zucchini noodles instead of wheat pasta.


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7 Responses

  1. Hi. I’m trying this now! Tomatoes are roasting. Do I leave the skins on after roasting? Thanks.
    I often peel-off the still-intact skin. The charred skin adds flavor to the sauce.
  2. Had a bunch of tomatoes that I got from our church garden and had to do something with them quickly. Found your recipe for this sauce and knew I wanted to try it. Very easy and made a beautiful sauce. Wanted to freeze some but dont know if there will be enough left! Delicious! Will be my go to sauce from now on.
  3. Looks great, Savita! This would freeze well, I'd make a big batch a freeze a few portions in freezer bags for emergency meals!
    Bach, thanks! This is very good point. Yes, this sauce freezes well and will be perfect for quick weekday dinner.
  4. This looks perfect! and thanks for that tip to broil the potatoes! I need to try this.
    lol!! I never broiled potatoes but I'm certain you meant tomatoes only. :) I'm sure you gonna love this method of concentrating the fresh tomato's flavor. Please do try. Also, thanks for stopping by my friend.