Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes

Start breakfast with sweet note and lots of nutella!!! yumm!

Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes
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Chocolaty with Nutella Hazelnut Mousse lite like a cloud... every bite of these these delicate breakfast crepes just melts in mouth. Serve for homey breakfast or a scrumptious dessert for someone special this New Year.... Nutella Mousse Crepes fit perfect for the both occasions.

Are you a nutella fan? If yes, then these nutella crepes are a MUST try!

Just few easy steps to make nutella mousse and a simple batter for crepes - a special breakfast yet no need of trip to restaurant.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day and specially during weekends I love enjoying a hearty and comforting breakfast. Whole week we stick to a lite and easy whole grain breakfast..... but weekends! Weekends are meant to enjoy something special.... something which make off-day worth waiting for.... something that brings smile on everyone's face.... and these delicious crepes filled with everyone's favorite Nutella mousse translates to that heart-warming breakfast!

Creamy French Crepes with Nutella Mousse Filling | chefdehome.com

Also, if you have always wondered - How to make crepes at home. And everyone around you keep saying - crepes are so so hard to get right!! Just... simply... quickly... ignore all those people. I'm telling you making crepes at home is not difficult at all!! Trust me, it is very easy. And I don't even own special Crepe Pan. Any shallow pan which has non-stick coating works just fine to make crepes. All you have to do is, follow the exact recipe for crepe batter. If the consistency of batter is right, making crepes at home is piece-of-cake!

Speaking of cake reminds me,  these sweet Nutella mousse filled crepes also make excellent and fancy dinner-party dessert or a perfect way to finish Brunch with a sweet note. I would say, Nutella Mousse Crepe Breakfast in bed equals to very Happy Valentine.... Even when Valentine's day is two month away. ;)

French Crepes filled with Nutella Mousse Perfect for breakfast or little sweet treat | chefdehome.com

Year 2015 had been a very exciting and adventures year for Chef De Home. My blog and I together finished lots of milestones, made mistakes and even recovered from few as well :) Together we saw crazy busy days and few dull ones as well.

Above all, made some sweet kindhearted friends and a lot of awesome blog readers who listen to and try everything I cook and share with them. All-in-all a great year 2015. I cannot thank all of my readers enough for bestowing so much love with comments, emails, and even pictures of my recipes which they made at home and then took time to click picture and share.

Nutella Mousse Crepes for Breakfast for a family Breakfast at home | chefdehome.com

I stopped making resolutions few years ago since I cane never keep up with them. This year, I just continue my motto: "Eat like a Champ but not everyday!"

Clearly it means, yes I'm foodie and can't stop drooling looking and even talking about food. :) but will indulge once-in-a-while. Like today... Start of a new year with sweet Nutella Mousse Crepes for Breakfast!

Nutella Mousse Crepes for Breakfast for a family Breakfast at home | chefdehome.com

Weekend is right around the corner or if you are at home today enjoying with family? Take sometime and make these crepes for your loved ones and have a wonderful year 2016!!

Happy New Year 2016!!

Wish you all a prosperous, healthy and filled-with-love New Year! -Savita

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Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes

Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: French () Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 8 Filled Crepes - Serves: 4


Formula for Perfect Crepes Everytime!
Nutella Creme Cheese Mousse
For Serving


  • Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 1. Crepes - In a bowl combine eggs and milk then whisk until fully combined. In an another bowl, mix flour with salt and then add to bowl with milk and eggs. Whisk to make a lump-free smooth batter. Set aside while you prepare mousse in next step.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 2. In a mixing bowl with whisk attachment. Whisk chilled heavy cream until just soft peaks form.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 3. Add cream cheese, nutella, and powdered sugar. Return to whisk until smooth without any lumps. Don't over whisk or mousse with became granny. Cover with plastic wrap and chill until you finish cooking crepes in next step.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 4. Heat a non stick pan on medium heat. Whip with paper towel covered in butter. Add 1/3 cup of batter and swirl around the pan to make a thin layer batter in the pan. (don't worry if a drop or two stuck on side.)
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 5. Cook for 2 minutes on medium heat. By this time, crepe will leave the sides of pan. Lift with wide spatula and flip. Cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute more. I prefer to cook it just for 30 seconds. For more color, cook for 1 minute, but no longer as crepes tends to get dry.
  • 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all 8 crepes are cooked. Transfer cooked crepes on a clean plate while you finish cooking rest.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 7. To assemble, layer a generous portion of nutella cream cheese mousse on the one half of crepe. Fold the other half over, and then fold from middle to make a triangle. Keep placing on a serving platter. Repeat this step to fill all crepes.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Nutella Mousse Crepes 8. Dust with powdered sugar. Serve with few slices of fresh oranges and enjoy!

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  1. Love crepes and nutella is special favorite of my kids. This combination sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing!
    Nutella is everyone's favorite in my home too and this nutella mousse is so good, I'm sure any nutella lover will enjoy it.. I hope you get chance to try it soon. thanks for stopping by!