Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups

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Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups

Friends, Happy Monday! 

Today, I'm sharing a boo-tiful snack for Halloween which needs less work in kitchen and more fun in assembling with kids and family!

Snack Pack Puddings are already kid's favorite. I topped them with some crunchy, munch-y, sweet and salty topping for a Halloween Fun Snack. Once you dig-in, sometimes you eating - a monster's red eye, or graveyard mud, or creepy worms, all drenched in blood.... so so "gross" yet delicious and entertaining!

I clearly remember some years ago, I had no idea about Halloween. Specially, no clue about trick-or-treats and giving candies to kids. Once on Halloween Vishal insisted me to buy candies for kid's treat. I was like, "Buy 1 or 2 small packs. How many kids can show up?!" How many?? Wow! That evening our door bell did not stop ringing. In-fact, Vishal had to run to store to buy more candies. It was really hard to say "no" to any of those cute little kiddos!

Halloween Pudding Cups | chefdehome.com

Halloween is an all-American Holiday and not everyone knows about it. Sometimes, when I share my old posts on Social Media... a few innocent souls who don't know the tricks involved in this Holiday, can't resist giving negative (actually positive :) ) feedback. Like one of the latest comment on my Spider Brioche Bread was, "yak, this looks ugly! Who will eat it?"

lol!! That's the point! All I wanted is to make it look creepy! (looks like I succeeded!)

Halloween Graveyard Snack Pack Pudding Cups | chefdehome.com

This is my first Halloween theme post for the season. My creativity started spinning during my recent visit to Walmart. There were a lot of interesting ingredients and lots of idea for Halloween. For this recipe, I grabbed few packs of Super Snack Pack Puddings in Vanilla, Chocolate and Chocolate-Vanilla combo flavors. Plus my favorite OREO Chocolate cream cookies, some marshmallows, food color, peanuts, and raspberries.

For these pictures, I have used Snack pack Vanilla Pudding. Graveyard sign is made of Oreo Cream cookies with coat of melted Marshmallow (read instructions for details). Base of graveyard is pudding and some crushed OREO cookies and salted peanuts. If you don't like peanuts. Feel free to use any salted nuts of your choice. Oh, you know what? Some salted popped Orville popcorns will be great too!

Eyes, ghost/witch, and some worms hanging on side are easy cut-outs from rolled fondant.

I highly recommend the homemade raspberry blood tie-up the theme. It is very very easy. Just needs 5 minutes.

PS: Spiders, and spider-net back-drop are from my last year's decorations. Just to give more "Graveyard" feel to whole story. Feel free to use or change these per availability. 

I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did! 

Halloween Fun Snack for Kids with Snack Pack Pudding Cups Witch Graveyards Very easy to assemble | chefdehome.com

Have a great day. -Savita

How about some more boo-tiful recipes for Halloween!! Caution! Few of them are too creepy! ;)

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Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups

Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 12 Pudding Cups - Serves: 12


Raspberry Blood
Graveyard Pudding Cups
Smart Swap: Use assortment of Pudding Cups and toppings.


  • Step for Recipe - Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups 1. Simmer raspberry blood ingredients in a pan for 5 minutes and break berries with back of spatula. Remove from heat and strain to yield a fine smooth syrup. Set aside.
    Step for Recipe - Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups 2. Dust a board with powder sugar. Roll fondant to thin sheet. Cut out ghost or witch shapes to make witch-sticks. I stud small piece of chocolate to make eye of witch. Wrap each around a toothpick or a bat-toothpick, like I have used and set aside.
  • Step for Recipe - Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups 3. Use the scrapes of rolled fondant to make 12 small eye balls. With back of a tooth pick make a print in center. Decorate with drop of raspberry blood and green food color. Set aside. Additional Notes: For more creepy effect, I also cut few strips of fondant to make worms and colored half in green color. (optional)
    Step for Recipe - Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups 4. Microwave marshmallows for 15 seconds in a microwave safe bowl, then quickly spread 1 teaspoon on one side of each of 12 cookies. Using raspberry blood and toothpick, write RIP on each cookie. Crush remaining 6 cookies to use later.
  • Step for Recipe - Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups 5. Top 12 Vanilla Snack Pack pudding cups with crushed OREO cookies and crushed peanuts. dividing equally among all cups.
    Step for Recipe - Witch House in Graveyard - Halloween Pudding Cups 6. Top each Pudding Cup with one OREO cookie, a witch with stick, one or two creepy eyes, and generous spoon of raspberry blood. Serve and enjoy!

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16 Responses

  1. Haha, absolutely creepy... Lovely creativity Savita :)
    Thanks, Gauri! :)
  2. These are so cute and creative Savita! Or should I say creepy? :)
    lol!! You can say creepy, my friend! That's what I was trying to get :) thanks for stopping by!
  3. Wow!! This pudding cups look very Halloweenie and fun!! Love the idea, Savita.. :)
    Thanks, Arpita! Happy Halloween in advance :)
  4. Wow, I's hard to detect all of the elements but they come together in such a fun creepy display! I have always loved playing with food and making it 'gross' or creepy for Halloween, like you said, that's the point! #client
    Thanks, Jeena! Making'em look creepy is the point!
  5. They look so awesome Savita! Perfect for Halloween!!
    Thanks! Really perfect for Halloween! Aren't these?
  6. Love Halloween treats like these! They look awesome! Pinning!
    Thanks, Mira! Halloween is fun! isn't it?
  7. These are just about the cutest pudding cups, Savita! I love your creativity! Sounds like the perfect treat for Halloween!
    Thanks, Gayle for sweet words. :)
  8. Nawww! So jealous! Halloween is just not the same here. Especially since it is springtime. No pumpkin carving. No real trick or treating. Boo! Such a cool idea for a halloween treat!
    No pumpkin carving!!! No trick treating! That's no good! :) I'm glad you enjoying the springs right now! Here we are officially in fall yet feels like summer! thanks for stopping by, Bach! I'm glad you like these treats.