Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles

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Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles

Whole Grain Oats and scrumptious Sweet Potato meet unsweetened Almond Milk and a touch of honey in these dairy-free, healthy and heart healthy breakfast waffles. 

Oh, and these waffles are real good news for everyone who wants to feed oats to their family ... and family is not ready! Trust me, I have similar picky-eater in my home too who will always say "no" to oats but will readily say "yes" to Waffles!

This waffle recipe is also good news for early-morning-time-crunch-yet-need-healthy-breakfast team.

First off, the Oats and Sweet Potato waffle batter takes only 5 minutes time. (You can even ready it at night). Then, just 10 minutes in waffle iron and fragrance of waffles drags everyone to breakfast table. (Saves you form trouble of calling everybody too. )

Then, no matter who does not like oats... if anyone likes Warm Golden Waffle Dressed in Mapple Syrup and topped with sweet sliced bananas? The breakfast is "This is THE Best Breakfast Ever"!

Heart Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Breakfast Waffles with Banana and Maple Syrup |

I have been waiting to bring sweet potatoes to make some healthy and dairy-free Oats Waffle.. A carton of unsweetened natural Almondmilk from Blue Diamond Almond Breeze fueled my thought to try these waffles last weekend.

The beautiful thing about this almondmilk is that it is unsweetened, all natural and tastes absolutely delicious. Also, what sounds better than a heart healthy breakfast for your loved ones which is packed with beta-carotene from sweet potato, whole grain oats, and is also dairy-free? To me it sounds like an awesome morning meeting with "health".

Dairy Free Sweet Potato and Oats Waffles made with Blue Diamond Almondmilk |

Actually, my husband needs special reason to eat oats. I mean, the simple oats and milk is not for him. I often make Oats Porridge with Quinoa and that he adores. I was surprised when one day he asked me to buy some pre-packaged oats cereal for breakfast. I bought few and made for him for the breakfast.

After just one spoon, he was like - Which brand do you make earlier? This tastes nothing like the one you gave me with cranberries and almonds?

And I started laughing... This shows my dear husband that you need to step into kitchen sometimes because that was homemade Oats and Quinoa Porridge. lol!!

Likewise these Oats Waffles were well received and I did tell him these are Homemade ;)

Actually, oats once blended with Almond Milk and Sweet Potato became very soft and almost disappeared in the batter once waffles are cooked.. Leaving behind a little nutty texture and scrumptious sweet potato flavor. Also, if little texture is not okay, fine quick oatmeal can be used instead of whole grain rolled oats.

Dairy Free Sweet Potato and Oats Waffles for whole grain morning breakfast |

To make it, I just begin with combining cooked sweet potato, rolled oats and other simple waffle ingredients. There is even no need to pre-puree the sweet potato since everything is blended using my trusty hand-blender (if in very hurry) or in stand blender. I let the mixture stand for 10 minute while the waffle iron heats up. This time is also good for granola to soak in some liquid. (You can even blend the mixture at night and then just thin it out a little before making waffles.)

Soft with Crispy Crust These Oats and Sweet Potato Waffles are heart healthy and so delicious |

Just pour a portions size per waffle-iron (pre heated) (1/3 cup mostly works for my Waffle Iron). 

Then close the lid, let the waffle iron indicator turn green. And then I check. If I want to crisp-up waffles a bit, I continue for 1 more minute. My trusty way to know waffles are ready is when steam stops escaping from the sides of waffle iron.

Oh, and I usually pre-heat the oven at 300 degree and pop up the cooked waffles in until ready to serve. Honestly, waffles are best when served warm. A cold waffle is no good.

Once ready, just serve it up with your choice of toppings. I love sliced banana, maple syrup, or some stewed strawberries. 

Enjoy a healthy breakfast with Family with waffles made with Whole Grain Oats and Almond Milk |

... and then serve any day of the year.. Specially if your family loves sweet potatoes and not so willing to eat oats. ;)

Enjoy a healthy breakfast with Family with waffles made with Whole Grain Oats and sweet potatoes and can be vegan |

Hope that these Healthy Oats Waffle glowing with sweet potato hue will turn everyone to Healthy Breakfast Lover.

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Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles

4.7 (6 reviews)
Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: European () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 6 Medium Waffles - Serves: 2
Nutrition: 287 calories per serving (Cooking time vary based on type of Waffle Iron used.)


Oats Waffles
For Serving


  • Step for Recipe - Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles 1. Set waffle iron to preheat. In blender jar, add all ingredients and blend until fully pureed. Additional Notes: For best results, set aside batter for 10 minutes.
  • Step for Recipe - Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles 2. Spray waffle iron with oil. Pour batter 1/3 cup in each waffle mold. Cook 30 second more than when waffle iron indicator turns green or for 3-4 minutes per batch.
  • Step for Recipe - Healthy Sweet Potato Oats Waffles 3. Waffle is mostly done when steam stops coming out of waffle iron.
  • 4. Serve with maple syrup and fresh chopped banana. Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:
  1. Looking for vegan waffles? 1) Just use an egg substitute, replace honey with agave or maple and rest everything is already vegan. Or 2) Replace eggs with 1/4 cup chia seeds soaked in 1/2 cup water and use 1/2 tsp baking powder.
  2. Note on Calories: Calories per serving does not include Banana and Maple Syrup.

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32 Responses

  1. I made the waffles with left over carrot soufflé.
  2. The best!! Thank you so much, this recipe of perfect for my one year old. It healthy and doesn’t leave us feeling heavy and groggy like most pancakes and waffle recipes. We need more recipes for lunch and dinner from you lol
  3. I dont have a waffle iron, could I maybe add a little more milk and make pancakes?
  4. I love this recipe! I've changed it according to what I have... i.e., I've added pecans, pumpkin spice, and used buttermilk. Its soo versatile ... I love it.
  5. This is a great recipe! Its really versatile to accomodate everyones taste. I sometimes use buttermilk, added more oats, and add pecans, and pumpkin pie spices!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
  6. Loved the taste of the waffles but batter was thin. I added chopped pecans, a small amount of cinnamon and about 1/4 cup dry oats to help firm things up. They did take a long time to cook, worth the wait. Would make again with modifications.
  7. Sorry to seem picky, but to make this totally vegan you need to use something other than honey for the sweetener (it comes from bees). Vegans making this would know that, but a non-vegan making it (for example, for a vegan friend) might not. You could use maple syrup, or agave, or lots of other possibilities that I can’t think of right now because I’m not vegan myself. Hope this helps.
    Thanks for pointing out and for sharing your views. Indeed honey will need replacement for vegan waffle.
  8. Looks incredible. What is the calorie count?
    Hi Peggy, I have updated the calorie count in the Recipe Card.
  9. Eager to try this!
  10. I made these and they are delicious! I did add a little less almond milk than was suggested and I added a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. I loved them!
  11. If I have puréed sweet potatoes, do I still need to add 1/2 cup of it? That’s what I did and the batter came out too soupy.
    I recommend don't change the quantity of sweet potato, i.e. keep it 1/2 cup. Instead you can reduce the quantity of almond milk. always start with 1/2 cup milk, then eyeball more ad needed.
  12. I love your recipe thanks for sharing. I beat my egg whites and folded them into the rest of the ingredients they were wonderful
    Hi Deb, thanks for feedback and for sharing your tips. It will be so useful for our CDH community.
  13. Hello Savita what does it mean if the inside is not cooked but the outsides are cooking. What can I add?
    hi Joey, it looks like waffle iron is at very high temp. You can add some dry oats in batter to absorb some moisture so inside cook quickly.
  14. I added a bit of flour to make the batter a little less soupy -- next time I might add a little ground flax too. I used cows milk because its what I had. I found they cooked fairly quickly on the Medium setting. They were great and my kids loved them. I'm going to make a big batch to freeze for school lunches. Thanks for the recipe!
    Hi Cat, I'm glad you enjoyed waffles. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  15. My batter came out too soupy. Next time, I will cut the liquid in half
  16. Do you know what the serving size and calorie count for this recipe is?
  17. Good but Took forever to cook. Waffles are super dense. Good but just don't expect a quick meal. Took over 30 minutes to waffles for 2 people
  18. I purchased a waffle maker recently, so I had to try these. So good. I love how creamy the waffles stay in the middle, like a warm comforting bowl of oatmeal. I also sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top for that extra kick. Again, these are delightful!
    Thanks, Julia! I'm so glad you enjoyed these waffles. I'm with you on creamy warm oatmeal like center. Also, cinnamon sugar sounds awesome idea. I'm sure trying it whenever I make these waffles again. I appreciate your feedback. thanks.
  19. This is such a great idea! I'm a little obsessed with my waffle maker right now- I'll definitely have to try this!
    Thanks, Sarah! I'm sure you will really loves these waffles.
  20. Love the use of almond and sweet potato. How can I make these vegan? thanks
    thanks, Veronica! I have added notes below recipe with instructions to make vegan waffles. I usually go with an egg substitute or use soaked chia seeds and a little more baking powder. I hope it helps.
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