Shrimp Etouffee

Easy Shrimp Etouffee with spicy flavor of creole seasoning, lots of shrimp and veggies. Serve with rice for a delicious weeknight meal.

Shrimp Etouffee

Shrimp Etouffee, it's Wednesday! Name may sound fancy but Shrimp Etouffee is comforting stew-style Shrimp and Gravy with spicy flavor of creole seasoning. Creole spice and shrimp define Etouffee.

For me, it is a comforting cajon-style meal with side of rice, lots of parsley and more spice. Life is better with spice.

This recipe for Shrimp Etouffee is also a one-stop meal. You can prepare it super-quick in Instant Pot or low-and-slow in classic old dutch oven. (I have shared both methods. Video coming soon.)

Mostly shrimp recipes are quick because shrimp cook in 6-7 minutes. But shrimp etouffee is different. It's real flavor comes from cooking of shrimp stock with veggies and cajon spices. Shrimp is added at the last. In regular heavy bottom pot, stew takes about 30-40 minutes to simmer slow and develop flavor.  In Instant Pot, this step can be completed in 8-10 minutes. 

I thought to share both methods... So that you have a recipe to make Shrimp Etouffee not matter if you are working with instant pot, or a dutch oven. Sounds good?

Let's not wait! And make some Shrimp Etouffeeee :)

Easy Shrimp Etouffee Recipe made with shrimp, creole seasoning and veggies

What is Shrimp Etouffee

Shrimp Etouffee is a French inspired cajon shrimp and vegetables stew. Traditionally served with side rice, and garnish of lots of parsley and cajon (creole) seasoning. Cajon spices are heart and soul Shrimp Etouffee. The creamy rich stew gets zing of flavor from cajon spices. Both compliment each other very well. Spices cut the richness of stew and stew mellows the spices.

Overall, you will not find it anyway close to French butter-y dishes but with big bold-flavors. Bold flavors are must!

When I think of Shrimp Etouffee.. one name comes in my mind is "Emeril Lagasee". Super chef Emeril is master of cajon cuisine. I love his recipes. Being a spice and chili lover myself, cajon cuisine has so much I love. When, I'm new to a dish or still trying.. I often consult Masters like Chef Lagasee.

This recipe is inspired from Chef's version of Shrimp Etouffee. After making it for my family a number of times.. I have my personal stamp on it. During this time, I also perfected this recipe in Instant Pot. Chef's version is classic with simmering in dutch oven... But when I'm time pressed or craving Shrimp Etouffee... I use Instant Pot to serve dinner under 30 minutes.

All-in-all, you can say Instant Pot version is my recipe for weekday-favorite Quick and Easy Shrimp Etouffee.

How does that sound? 

Bowl of Shrimp Etouffee Shrimp stew served over rice

How to serve Shrimp Etouffee:

If you ask me, serve over rice. That's the best way to eat etouffee. Rice soak up the creamy-spicy stew. Every bite of shrimp with flavorful rice, cajon spices and parsley. OMG! It's addictive. Trust me.

I have a delicious recipe for Garlic Brown Rice. That tastes even better with Etouffee.

Let me summarize some quick hacks to make etouffee

1. Quick Turnaround: Use Instant Pot and cut on simmer time from 30-40 minutes to 8-10 minutes.
2. No Shrimp Stock - No Problem : Buy tail on shrimp. Remove tails and add to simmering Shrimp Etouffee (tied in cloth) for instant flavor without shrimp stock. 
3. Load-up Veggies: Classic Shrimp Etouffee has celery, bell pepper and onions. I like to load-up on veggies such as carrots, even spinach or kale for my daily serving of veggies.
4. Lighten-up: I like to use half of butter and half olive oil for my personal taste. You can also use coconut oil to go Dairy Free. And use corn starch for thickening to go Gluten Free.

No matter what do you decide, please don't skip these three ingredients: shrimp, cajon (creole) seasoning and tomatoes.

Honestly, ingredients for Shrimp Etouffee recipe are simple and very easy to find. You need some flour, butter, aromatic veggies, tomatoes, cajon seasoning, shrimp, and shrimp stock. I have already shared the substitute for stock when you don't have it handy.

What is difference between creole and cajon seasoning?

Creole is variation of cajon seasoning and it has oregano in it. For this recipe, if you have cajon seasoning, add dried oregano in it for creole flavor.  Check out my recipe for Homemade Creole Seasoning or buy Mccormick Cajun Seasoning I often use. (affiliate link)

Sides to serve Etouffee with:

Instant Pot Garlic Brown Rice How to Cook Spaghetti Squash Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins

Shrimp Etouffee

Shrimp Etouffee
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Servings - Serves: 4


Smart Swap: Load up fish such as scallops, cod for a Seafood Etouffee.


  • 1. Heat Instant Pot at Saute setting or heat heavy bottom sauce pan on stove. Add butter. When butter has melted. Add flour and cook stirring often until it is dark in color (peanut butter color).
  • 2. Add sliced carrots, diced celery, onion, with garlic, bell pepper. Saute until onions are soft (2-3 minutes) Additional Notes: I like to keep carrots thick sliced so these not turn mushy in simmering stew.
  • 3. Add tomatoes, bay leaf, 1/4 tsp salt, a tablespoon cajon (creole) seasoning and cayenne. Mix well and continue cooking for 3-4 minutes. Additional Notes: Please note, if seasoning you using has salt. Add NO more salt, use low-sodium stock, and use less seasoning to avoid over-salting the dish.
  • 4. Now, add ***1 cup of shrimp stock (if using, **check notes). Mix well. Place the lid of Instant Pot. Cook on Manual => High Pressure for 10 minutes. Or add 1/4 cup additional stock to dutch oven. Bring to boil, cover and simmer for 30-35 minutes or until gravy thickens.
  • 5. Quick Release the pressure of Instant Pot. Open the lid. Reset to Saute setting. (Keep the stove On on medium for dutch oven). Add shrimp with 1 tsp more seasoning. Simmer until shrimp is done. (5-6 minutes). Taste and adjust salt, black pepper. Mix in chopped parsley.
  • 6. Serve over rice with garnish of more parsley and seasoning and enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

*If using Cajon Seasoning, mix with 1/2 tbsp oregano. Or use 1.5 tbsp Creole seasoning.

**Use Shrimp stock. Or replace with water, add 1/2 bullion cube, and simmer shrimp-shells/tails (tied in mesh) with stock. Fish and discard later.

***1.5 cup liquid thin gravy, 1 cup liquid good gravy, 1/2 cup liquid thick gravy,

Disclaimer: Recipe adapted from Food Network and Emeril's

© Chef De Home. Post content including video and photos are copyright protected.

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