Weekly Meal Plan | Week 1

Weekly Meal Plan | Week 1

I'm sure all of us, wonder often during week, "what to make for dinner?" So do I :) These weekly meal plans are not just going to help you, but are going to work as my quick reference, "Week Meal Plan" diary!

I have already been sharing daily or special occasion meal plans with you. This weekly series is totally new!

Let's plan ahead. Let's eat at home whole week! A lot of these dishes can made ahead fully or at least pre-prep to save those extra 20 minutes in evening! In my books, if you have some prep work done ahead... the desire to take-out reduces dramatically! Can you relate?

Most marinades can be pre-blended over weekend. You can even slice veggies and freeze per meal/dinner. Sounds good? So let's get started!!


Easy Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice

In summers, I'm always inventing dinner ideas that are healthy yet are quick and easy.... So, I can serve homemade dinner in no time and keep my family's health in-check.Served with side of lite-cooked (do check notes on this one) Basmati Rice, easy Chickpea Curry makes flavorful and protein-rich vegetaria...


Vegan Beets and Carrot Falafel Tacos

Spring is showing it's color every where around us. Today, I have tried to capture few of the colors in my healthy and vegan, Beets and Carrot Falafel Tacos. Served over wheat tortillas with sweetness of beets and carrots, moist texture of chickpeas, and hint of spices, these Falafels are not just bursting...


Salmon Burgers with Lemon-Caper Wine Sauce

Salmon Burgers with Lemon-Caper Sauce is kind of food that inspires me to cook more healthy and more homemade. I am sure you wondering, why so much stress on homemade? It is a homemade recipe, obviously!!Answer - because, not only salmon, caper sauce, fried shallots, even the Ciabatta bread rolls are homem...


Southwest Skillet Quinoa (Rice) and Beans with Tomato-Mint Salsa

A great skillet to make for weekday dinner that is packed with ton of flavor from chipotle, beans, sweet corn, spices, hearty and healthy quinoa, topped with quick and juicy mint-tomatoes and lime salsa. Does this sound like a scrumptious weekday dinner or what?To me, it's even great for yummy, filling, an...


Made From Scratch Caramelized Onion Pizza

Sharing with you homemade, lite, crusty pizza dough and one of my favorite caramelized onion topping recipe. This pizza will make you love cooking at home even more. Made from scratch pizza dough with melt-in-mouth sweet caramelized onions, buttery parmesan and juicy tomato marinara sauce will make pizza m...

Saturday - Healthy Crepes for breakfast and you are most welcome to eat out for dinner! :)

Go-Green Mung Lentils, Cilantro-Jalapeno Breakfast Crepes

St. Patrick’s day is approaching and I thought to share with you my favorite breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day. Lentil Crepes with zesty jalapeno and fresh cilantro is my take on going green. These kid-friendly, gluten free and egg-free crepes are delicious and healthy way to start a good go-green morning. Y...


Crockpot Minestrone Soup with Pasta

Winters come with opportunity to get cozy and lazy with a bowl of warm soup in hand. How about a bowl of healthy, wholesome and delicious Minestrone Soup with Pasta? Crock-pot Minestrone Soup is my favorite vegetarian side-soup whenever we eat at Italian Restaurants. But at home, I often prefer to cook min...

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4 Responses

  1. Oooh if you post a meal plan like this, you will get unexpected last minute guest every day of the week for dinner! I am an especially huge fan of your thursday and Friday recipes. Yum!
    Bach, thanks! :) lol! Guests every week! that will be tough, for sure! ;) Thursday and Friday meal is my fav too! I'm glad you like it.
  2. I wish I was good at planning like you Savita, I am so terrible at it! I don't know what I am making till the very last minute lol! everything looks delicious in that meal plan!
    :) thanks! Just like you, even I'm a spontaneous cook a lot of times! But, you know, I've seen that whenever I plan ahead, my groceries are much better utilized.