Weekly Menu Plan

We have taken your weekly menu responsibility. Check this section for a weekly meal menu plan every week.

30 Days of South Beach Diet

It's New Year!! drum-rolls!!!

What a year!! Busy, exciting, more busy and super quick. :-) 

Have you planned your year? New resolutions? Or Like me, repeat of last year? ;)

30 Days of Keto Diet

Sharing today, 30 days of Keto Diet Recipes. 

If you are new to Keto Diet? It is low-carb, low-sugar and high protein diet. Idea is to feed body high protein, high good fats, a...

15 Amazing Chicken and Rice

Winner winner chicken dinner! Make weeknight dinner delicious and easy like a piece of cake with these amazing Chicken and Rice recipes.  One thing I like about chicken and rice t...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 12

This week's menu is to welcome winter and to celebrate Holiday season. I know we are theoretically still in fall but doesn't it feel a lot like winter already?! 

This winter menu plan...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 11

This week's menu is yet another Fall inspired meal's menu. I could not sum-up my love for fall produce - pumpkin, butternut and everything in-between in one weekly dinner menu... So I'm here aga...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 10

This week's menu is completely Fall inspired. I want you to get some squash - pumpkin, butternut, spaghetti and include these fall recipes in your weekly dinner menu.

This week's menu plan...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 9

Happy Sunday!! I'm here to share meal menu for coming week! 

This week's menu too is following Summer Cooking Ideas Theme! In summers, as days get hotter, I want to f...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 8

Meal Menu Plan day!! It's Saturday!!! 

I'm adding more meal menus in our Weekly Menu Collection.

This week's meal plan includes 9 recipes with one option for each weeknight, a b...

7 Day Soup Detox

Today, I bring to you, my ultimate 7 day Soup Detox. I wanted to continue with momentum of soups this week so could not wait for Saturday to share this meal plan a.k.a soup collection! 


Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 7

This is very exciting weekend! Isn't it?

All the festivity, special food-preparations, sweets, snacks and gifts. :) It is Diwali, festival of lights in India on Sunday and Monday is Hallo...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 6

It's weekend! Finally! :) 

This week I have decided to bring to you mix of fit and comforting weeknight dinners.

Meal plan includes 11 recipes with one option for each weeknigh...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 5

Happy Friday!! 

Today, I'm bringing to you an autumn inspired comforting meal plan. 

Comforting does not mean it has all weeknight meals rich and complex. In-fact for Monda...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 4 (Vegetarian)

Hello Friends! 

Today's meal plan theme is - vegetarian! 

We have been on meatless diet past one month.. So I decided to compile a vegetarian meal menu for coming week.&nbs...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 3

Hello Friends! Are you ready for weekend?! So am I! And so is this week's weekly meal menu plan.

This week's menu plan has theme - Healthy and Fit. Every recipe in this plan is carefu...

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 2

Friends, today's weekly meal menu plan has it all. 

7 days of easy meal recipes, plus dinner rolls and dessert recipe of the week! Look no further because I have also included a drink...

Weekly Meal Plan | Week 1

I'm sure all of us, wonder often during week, "what to make for dinner?" So do I :) These weekly meal plans are not just going to help you, but are going to work as my quick reference, "Week Mea...

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