Recipes with Favorite Ingredients

Everyone has a special favorite ingredient. Or sometimes not-so-favorite but so desired and healthy that you want to know ways to add it to daily diet. This menu is all about those star ingredients!! Take for example, my niece, she does not like yogurt! Yogurt has so many healthy benefits for growing kids. So, my sister is awlays looking for ways and recipes to add yogurt to her favorite dishes. If you too have picky-eater at home, then mark this menu and keep checking back. Here, I will share various recipes with your favorite, healthy and surprising ingredients. Have an ingredient in mind? Share it today and let me add some recipes for you!!

Delicious Eggplant Recipes

This season, fry, grill, roast or bake eggplant with these 12 delicious eggplant recipes. Most of these eggplant recipes are meatless or can be made meatless. Perfect for vegetarian dinner!


7 Delicious Egg Curry Recipes

Today I have collected my favorite egg curry recipes to share with you. This collection is proof that egg can be much more than just boiled-egg-for-breakfast, baking or deviled egg ingredient. I...

10 Easy and Healthy Salmon Recipes

Summer, Sunshine, Salads and Salmon! :) A few Ss that make me very happy. 

You can tell from the recipes I shared in recent weeks that Salmon was hot in my kitchen!


18 Green and Healthy Kale Recipes

Ending week with roundup of my favorite green - Kale! Curly kale, rainbow, or dino kale, I love the hearty texture of kale and can eat it almost everyday!

Kale not only is...

10 Healthy Quinoa Salads

Sharing today, few of my favorite healthy quinoa salad recipes which are often on my weekday lunch menu. 

I love a bowl of salad for lunch in summers and frankly, any season of the ye...

15 Plus Ways to EAT more Yogurt

Replenish your body with boost of probiotics from yogurt. Cooling, soothing, and creamy yet far less in calories than mayo and creams, yogurt can give you ton of calcium yet will not destroy you...

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