7 Delicious Egg Curry Recipes

My favorite ways to prepare Egg Curry and March recap.
7 Delicious Egg Curry Recipes

Today I have collected my favorite egg curry recipes to share with you. This collection is proof that egg can be much more than just boiled-egg-for-breakfast, baking or deviled egg ingredient. It can be star of a delicious homemade curry. In my home, when I forget to thaw chicken or serving curry in a hurry.. I always reach for eggs. These boil quickly. By the time I ready gravy, eggs are ready to peel and mix in curry.  Leftovers are also great lunch options.

Oh, and if you have some leftover deviled eggs.. Those are perfect egg curry. Serve any of these curry in no time with leftover eggs. Everyone likes eggs so even a picky eater don't mind enjoying egg curry. Serve with rice or side of homemade Garlic Naan.

I hope you'll enjoy these as much as we do.

Little bit of this and that for March:

1. My favorite recipes from March are Homemade Yogurt, Mango Chutney, and Chipotle Roasted Cauliflower Tofu Bowl
2. In April, I'm focusing on lite meals. Lots of salads for sure. Any favorite salad you want to see?
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Egg Curry

Egg is a versatile cooking ingredient. Many people who do not eat meat eat eggs. Delicious and quick this curry can be ready in 25 minutes. I call it easiest curry and everyone’s favorite. Meat lovers adore it and eggetarian vegetarians like it too. If you have leftover eggs from devil eggs served for a pa...

Egg Curry Tikka Masala

Egg Tikka Masala or Egg Curry Tikka Masala - A spicy meets savoury Indian curried egg main course with everyone's favorite silky, creamy tikka masala gravy! No chicken or paneer, let's try something different for dinner! Is tikka masala only limited to chicken or paneer? Not really! In my kitchen, I use ti...

Easy Indian Kolhapuri Egg Curry

A spicy, flavorful, and easy Indian Egg Curry with hard boiled eggs cooked in aromatic Indian spices and coconut. This simple egg curry is THE best way to serve Indian Dinner under 25 minutes!Be a non-vegetarian, or a vegetarian egg-tarian, eggs are a favorite breakfast, lunch or even dinner ingredient in...

Indian Omelet Masala Egg Curry

As someone said, egg is a versatile cooking ingredient, many people who don't eat meat still enjoy eating eggs! Just like eggs, Egg Curry is one such classic Indian curry which rich or poor, Indian or non-Indian, and even vegetarian "egg-tarians" enjoy all over the world! Sometimes back, Vishal showed me t...

Andhra-Style Spicy Egg Curry

Sharing with you tamarind flavored, spicy, warm and insanely addictive Spicy Andhra-style Egg Curry. This egg curry is one of famous ways to eat eggs in southern part of India. Since eggs are favorite of many vegetarian (egg-tarians) too, egg curry is most loved main course curry in many homes all-over wor...

Masala Egg Curry

Egg Curry is my top favorite, flavorful and easy dish when it comes to making dinner in hurry. Even though classic egg curry is staple in my house, I often look out for ideas to make different and easy egg curry variations. This masala egg curry recipe is no-gravy variation of classic Egg Curry in gravy re...

Not a dinner egg curry but this recipe has all deliciousness of egg and curry wrapped for a delicious egg and curry breakfast.

Spiced Breakfast Egg Casserole

Sharing today, an easy vegetarian, spiced breakfast egg casserole loaded with flavor of warm spices. It makes comforting chili weather breakfast or brunch. You can even prep casserole at night and simply bake in the morning. Meatless, loaded with veggies and flavorful spices, this casserole will some becom...

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