Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap

Start day with serving of whole grains and proteins

Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap
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Who does not want a healthy dose of whole grain in the morning? A healthy breakfast is start of a good energized day and you can try these whole wheat breakfast wrap to feel the difference among having a good healthy breakfast or adjusting with something greasy.

Smoky Tofu Wrap with Pickled Radish

Layers of smoky tofu, peppery arugula and pickled tangy red radish, make this breakfast wrap extra special.

Most of work you can finish the previous night, pickle radish, marinate tofu and keep the tortillas in pantry. In the morning, just cook tofu in 7 minutes, warm the tortillas, layer all together and breakfast is served.

Whole Wheat Tortillas

I often use homemade chapati (Indian easy wheat tortilla style flat bread) instead of corn or All-purpose flour tortillas. It is very easy to make these whole wheat tortillas at home. You can try this Indian Whole Wheat Chapati Recipe if you like.  It is totally fine to use ready-made store bought whole wheat tortillas. However, my preference for homemade version has some thoughts went into too. First, we do groceries every fortnight. So, whenever I bring even a small packet of tortillas, high chances are these go wasted if not used on time. Sometimes things are not that planned and wasting food hurts me very bad. So I decided to say "no" to store bought tortillas. Second, homemade version is certainly far fresher than store bought. Has no preservatives, is made from scratch. Even though a little time consuming, but I like the end result - lesser wastage and healthier outcome. Whats better than that? 

This is also a great wrap to pack for kids to school - healthy and nutritious.

Smoky Tofu Wrap with Pickled Radish

Pairing Ideas:

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Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap

Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap
Total Time: (Idle Time: 2 mins) Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Asian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 2 Servings - Serves: 2



  • Step for Recipe - Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap 1. Radish Pickle In a bowl, take 2 tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, add radish and let pickle overnight. Let Red Radish marinate at night before you plan to use'em for wrap in breakfast. Additional Notes: Optional Step - Skip if using Dill Pickle or sliced Kimchi.
    Step for Recipe - Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap 2. Make Tofu Marinade In a bowl, mix all spices, oil, vinegar to make smoky marinade for tofu.
  • Step for Recipe - Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap 3. Marinate Tofu Slice tofu, lengthwise and coat in marinade. This step can also be done at night for a morning breakfast wrap or let tofu sit in marinade at least 20 minutes.
    Step for Recipe - Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap 4. Pan Fry Tofu In morning, heat a a non stick pan, add the marinated tofu and let it cook at high heat for 7-8 minutes or till tofu edges start to get crisp. While tofu is cooking, slice bell pepper (if using) and keep the arugula ready to make wraps.
  • Step for Recipe - Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap 5. Warm the tortillas Heat a skillet and dry toast the tortillas. Or wrap tortillas in a clean kitchen towel. Microwave for 10-15 seconds until tortillas are warm and workable soft. Additional Notes: I made whole wheat tortillas at home, you can get recipe to make wheat tortillas in Bread section.
    Step for Recipe - Smoky Tofu and Pickled Radish Breakfast Wrap 6. Assemble Wraps Layer smoky tofu, bell pepper, arugula and pickled red radish, roll it tight and seal with tooth pick to hold it together. Smoky tofu with tangy red radish and peppery arugula is like a party in mouth. Enjoy a good serving of whole wheat with these healthy breakfast wraps.

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  1. @Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like my recipes.
  2. Wonderful veg recipes! This tofu wrap looks delicious.
  3. One of my reader friend just asked me on ChefDeHome Blog about using Daikon Radish instead of Red Radish, I am sharing the response here with all of website readers - Daikon should be equally good with this breakfast wrap, I would use it little less since I find Daikon Radish slight stronger then Red Radish. Also, it is best to leave radish in pickling liquid overnight. But, I prefer to pickle’em for just 30 minutes before using. (I like the crunchy bite and vibrant color, that is what I did for this Breakfast Wrap too)