Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes

Effortless seasoned Lemon Potatoes with delicious Greek seasoning of oregano and garlic, ready in slow cooker. Just 5 minutes prep and rest is the magic of slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes
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This Greek-style Lemon Rainbow Potatoes Recipe is fabulous for serving baked potatoes on the side, worry free and hassle free. Just 5 minutes prep and rest is the magic of slow cooker.

Our family or party dinners are often very elaborate. So when I have guests coming over, I'm all-over my kitchen, with dough stuck in hair and apron covered in flour! Mostly, I'm cooking everything at home. So often I need ALL possible source of cooking to finish in time.

Where Stove and Oven are busy making curries and breads.... one side dish I always leave as responsibility of my trusted Slow Cooker and that is 'Baked Potatoes or Lemon Potatoes'.

Baked Greek Lemon Potatoes in Slow Cooker |

I have learned after hosting several parties over the years that everyone needs potatoes in a hearty family-style dinner. My friends and family members love potatoes so much that they often ask for potatoes: baked and seasoned, in salads, or in stew!

Greek Lemon potatoes are most easy to put together. Sometimes, when I'm busy preparing rest, I even ask Vishal to put everything in slow cooker. It is THAT simple! You know what I mean? ;)

Easy Baked Greek Lemon Potatoes and Preserved Lemons all cooked in one Slow Cooker |

Lemon Potatoes and Preserved Lemons (Two in One Recipe!)

There is one more delicious (secret) benefit of making Greek Lemon Potatoes because this recipe is two-in-one! When potatoes are roasting in slow cooker, thick cut lemon slices cook with them... slowly concentrating in flavor... almost like Preserved Seasoned Lemons!

So, when my friends request for Greek Potatoes on side, they get it without hesitation! Because, I can serve them two sides in effort of one and all I have to do is: switch-on the slow cooker.

Preserved Lemons Prepared in Slow Cooker with Greek Lemon Potatoes |

The combination of garlic, oregano, lemon (I have used meyer lemons for this batch), and finishing touch of a tablespoon butter is simply hard to resist. Even anyone who don't like potatoes, could not resist a second serving! I bet!

Easy Green Lemon Potatoes in Slow Cooker Can be Veganby just skipping butter |

PS: You can use the leftover potatoes in greek salads (if you will be lucky to save some!). Also, preserved lemons are great on cold sandwiches and even in breakfast rolls! This side is also Gluten Free, and can be vegan if you just skip butter.

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Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes

Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mediterranean () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 6 Servings - Serves: 6


Lemon Potatoes
Dressing (optional)
Smart Swap: Replace lemons with oranges or thyme with fresh herb of your choice!


  • Step for Recipe - Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes 1. Clean and scrub potatoes under running water until clean and dirt free. Slice 2 and half lemons in thick round slices, remove seeds, and set aside. Also, zest 1 remaining lemon to yield 1 tsp lemon zest. Cut this lemon in half to use the juice.
  • Step for Recipe - Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes 2. In a 4-6 quart slow cooker, add olive oil and use a brush to coat all sides so that potatoes does not stick while cooking. Arrange half of lemon slices at the bottom, add potatoes and remaining lemon slices. Drizzle juice of one lemon. Sprinkle dried oregano, reserved lemon zest, fresh thyme sprigs, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder on top. Cover and cook on slow for 6 hours or on high for 2.5 hours or until potatoes are knife tender.
  • Step for Recipe - Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Potatoes 3. Just before serving, fish out thyme sprigs and discard. Add in butter and chopped parsley, then mix everything together. Transfer lemon slices in a separate bowl. Transfer potatoes on a large platter and serve!

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22 Responses

  1. These potatoes look amazing! I just love how colourful they are. :)
    Thanks, Kristen!
  2. You've done it Savita! You've convinced me to pull my slow cooker out of its early retirement! This looks delish!
    "High Five" girl! Dust off the slow cooker and get cook'n!
  3. What a great way to use your slow cooker! I usually just use mine for meat, and have never put potatoes in it, but I am going to have to try that soon.
    Thanks, Dannii! Oh yes, meat is most common thing to cook in slow cooker. However, it it a great vessel to cook potatoes too.
  4. I've never had lemon with potatoes! I love the colors here and the flavors sound amazing!
    Thanks, Rachelle! Lemon enhance the earthy flavor of potatoes. I recommend trying it once..
  5. I love this! I'm always looking for more vegetarian options to make in the slow cooker. As much as I love shredded chicken, it's fun to use the kitchen tool for different things!
    Thanks, Dani! I agree, a slow cooker is much more capable than just cooking chicken! I love using it for LOT of vegetarian recipes.
  6. Wow these lemon potatoes look incredible! I'm always the one cooking for family parties so an easy side like this would be perfect. Can't wait to try!
    Thanks, Keri! I hope you like it when you try!
  7. Oh, i don't have a slow-cooker here with me, but i love potatoes, so usually i make baked ones in the oven as a snack... Love your version... Looks great :)
    Thanks, Gauri :)
  8. These look incredible, Savita! Such a great idea to make them in the slow cooker! Love love love the flavors!
    Thanks, Kelly for your sweet words! Slow Cooker does amazing job for these potatoes.
  9. wow we were indeed on the same wavelength today Savita, love these potatoes! And you have really convinced me to get a slow cooker asap!
    lol! Sure we were! And, yes, you should buy slow cooker, asap! :)
  10. These potatoes sound fantastic, Savita! I've never thought to cook them in a slow cooker before. Sounds like they have such great flavor!
    Thanks, Gayle! Lemon potatoes were indeed very flavorful!
  11. These potatoes look so flavourful, Savita!! Love this slow cooker potatoes. Perfect side dish.. Very delicious!! :)
    Thanks, Arpita! Potatoes were amazingly flavorful!