DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer

DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer
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First, I have to admit, I don't like drinking milk... I never liked it.... but...... whenever I look at this jar of almond milk, only thing I want to do is, slurp.. slurp.... I'm telling you, if you don't like milk (like me) almond milk is your new best friend!

You know, growing up, when I refused to drink milk, my parents had few ways to trick me, like chocolate milk, rose syrup milk, and infused milks - like almond milk, dates milk, and even cashew milk. (these were not nut milks, but cow's milk slow cooked with nuts). As I grew up and found all those tricks, I refused to those too ;) even though, (a secret admit-ion), I loved those infused milks, especially in winters.... not for taste of milk but for taste of what was added to it..... sweet and juicy milk soaked dates, softened crushed almonds.... oh my my..... comfort at it's best!!

I have to admit, with this recipe I'm fulfilling a long due promise! Every time, I shared an almond milk smoothie with you all, I promised to share, how to make almond milk at home... but time just got the better of me... every time I made almond milk.... I just could not take few simple shots for you :(

Today seems to be a confession/admit-ion day! I just made three confessions in same post! this blog is making me humble! (yet another! hahaha)

Sometimes, I need a compelling force to make me finish pending work... (oh no!!! fifth! Savita, you are killing me!!!)

A Jar of Homemade Vegan Almond Milk - Pure Heaven

Today, that compelling-force was almond milk itself! We stopped using store-bought almond milk long ago.... but the brand I used to buy initially was pretty good. Only almonds and water, and added vitamin-D. No thickeners or artificial flavors... which is great in my book! We liked it a lot. It so happened that we started using it very less.... and  I saw almond milk sitting in refrigerator for long time.... so I stopped bringing it from store and made my own whenever I needed it. Few weeks back, I was out of my supply of almonds, and wanted to make few recipes. I decided to buy one jar of my favorite old brand and then make my own some other day... I picked the bottle, reached the cashier and while standing in line happened to read the ingredient label... and I was shocked!!! gums, gelatin, soy letchin, artificial flavors, you name it and milk had it.

Huuuge disappointment. I didn't believe my eyes! I used to buy same brand earlier! This has happened second time with me that a company, a good company, makes a product, good and healthy... and then after few months changes everything.... and poor customers, they read the labels before they bought it first time... but they never thought their trust-worthy company will ditch'em silently... one day... all not-so-wanted ingredients will be in it!

Lesson learned from this experience? Make sure to check labels of your favorite trust-worthy products once-in-a-while!!! After-all we can't make everything at home!!

So this experience made me blend a fresh batch of almond milk and this time, I made sure to take the pictures.

Homemade Vegan Coffee Creamer using Almonds

Also, as a bonus, I'm sharing with you ingredients for both Almond Milk and Almond Milk Coffee Creamer. The only difference, though, is in the quantity of water and flavoring. Creamer is little thicker than almond milk. Which makes sense because we use a little creamer for coffee or tea, but if drinking a whole glass, it is important to not drink a thick almond milk. After all we need to watch our calorie intake!

You know what! for a change, this thought was courtesy of Vishal :) Creamer will be high in nut-calories, add more water for milk!

And I was like... What else do I ask for?? ;)

Homemade Almond Milk with Step by Step Pictures - Two simple ingredients and healthy drink

Now, I will not bore you with any more of my stories :) straight to the almond milk recipe. Make a batch and enjoy!

Have a great day!



Wonders of almond milk!!!

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DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer

DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3 Cups Milk - Serves: 5
(Total Time does NOT include 1.5 days of pre-soaking almonds)


Almond Milk for Shakes
Almond Milk Coffee Creamer
Smart Swap: Such pure and clean recipe needs no swap! Just use good quality raw almonds!


  • Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 1. Soak 1 cup almonds in filtered water overnight. In morning, rinse and change water, keep soaked. At night, rinse and change water, keep soaked. Additional Notes: The best is, to soak almonds on Thursday night, and these will be ready to extract milk after 36 hours, i.e. Saturday Morning
    Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 2. After 36 hours, discard soaking liquid, rinse almonds in filtered water, and then in a smoothie blender jar add almonds with water. For creamer, add 2 cups of water. For milk, add 3 cups of water.
  • Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 3. Process at high speed until almonds are pureed and liquid turns to white color. It will look brown initially, but don't worry keep the motor running.
    Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 4. Now, on a wide bowl, place a fine strainer with 3 fold cheese cloth.
  • Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 5. Pour in pureed almond milk only that much what cheese cloth can handle. It is always advised to use a wider cloth-fold, so as to make milk squeeze a little less messy and easier.
    Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 6. Hold all corners of cheese cloth in hand and make a knot. squeeze it in the strainer to bowl. Don't remove strainer.
  • Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 7. Use a little muscles, and squeeze it hard to extract all possible liquid. Make sure to press downward or cheese cloth will burst to spill all almond meal around, and into the milk (scary!!!)
    Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 8. At end of squeeze, almond meal will be very dry. Don't throw it, use it for gluten free pancakes or cakes or smoothies!!
  • Step for Recipe - DIY | How to make Almond Milk | Vegan Coffee Creamer 9. Store almond milk in a clean glass container with lid. If making almond creamer, then stir in vanilla extract. Keep refrigerated until ready to use! or just use a straw to drink it all!! slurp slurp....
Savita's Notes:

Per my research, Almond milk is perfect fit for paleo diet. For almond milk, almonds are soaked in water and after blending, skin and solids are discarded, this makes almond milk fit for clean paleo diet. If you want to eat raw almonds in Paleo Diet, just soak'em night in advance, then peel off skin before eating!

Where to buy This Nutmilk pitcher?

Here is link to get one - Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Masterpiece 84-ounce Pitcher


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  1. How long will this keep?
  2. Where can I buy the same pitcher? It looks perfect for homemade nut milk!
    I bought this from Amazon at one time. Now, I could not locate same size but I have added the link to similar in notes above if you wish to check. Also, they have lot more options to explore. I hope it helps.
  3. Farin, do try! I'm sure you will love almond milk!
  4. Super delicious!!! Even I dont like milk but love to have almond milk, rose milk etc... Would love to try it...
  5. Thanks, Jeena! I'm sure you will like homemade almond milk!
  6. Well explained recipe. Would surely try this almond milk...
  7. :) we all have interesting love-hate relation with Milk!! Isn't it? Almond milk gives me a lot of satisfaction whenever I pour a glass for me! thanks, Anupama, I'm glad you are in to try it!
  8. Almond milk sounds and looks super delish. I too hate plain white milk, but this vegan almond milk is super YUM! Just love almond milk, and yours look super AWESOME! :)
  9. :) Cara, thanks! I'm often lazy to make a batch myself! I have these phases if being very excited to make almond milk for few months, then just don't feel like for next few :) part of life, isn't it?
  10. I consider myself lazy, cause I have yet to make my own almond milk. I have no excuses! You have inspired me!
  11. it is really good that you like milk :) Try homemade, you will like almond milk too!
  12. haha I hated milk too Savita. God , I could never drink it and used to throw it in the sink sometimes when mom wasn't watching. I know so bad of me but I was a kid then lol. I am ok with milk now, almond milk I tried drinking once and didn't like. I'll make a small batch using your recipe and try!