Go Green - Apple, Mint, and Coconut Milk Smoothie

Vegan and gluten free

Go Green - Apple, Mint, and Coconut Milk Smoothie
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Hello Friends!

Today, I have decided to keep Wednesday, lite and fit with this delicious, healthy, yet creamy green smoothie! 

Trust me! This 5-ingredient smoothie will make you crave, you read it right, CRAVE smoothies for rest of the season! It is that delicious!

have you ever heard words "delicious" and "scrumptious" for smoothies? no, right? then include all those yumm words in your dictionary for this gluten free, vegan glass of heaven!

When I finished a glass of this smoothie, I felt... why has this finished, can I have some more?? then I controlled my craving for yet another day, when I will have green apple, and mint in-hand....

Plus, there is one more specialty of this smoothie, it will fill you up!! Fill you that you will not crave for evening snack (if you had this for lunch).  and will energize your day if you drink it for breakfast! (I Promise!)

Also, the cooling green color of this smoothie is so so perfect for St. Partick's Day - lite and fit, clean and green, breakfast or lunch!! I'm sure your kids will love  it.... I mean, look at the color... isn't it refreshing green??

I made this last Friday, and looking again at the pictures today, I wanna make it again!

Go Green with Green Apple and Mint Smoothie

Now, let's talk diet (you knew it is coming! don't you?)

This smoothie is vegan, gluten free, has one serving of fruit, about one serving of veggie and goodness of coconut milk.

Don't like coconut milk? - No problems! You can make this smoothie with buttermilk also! Just it will not be vegan if you will use dairy!

Don't like Mint? - well... mint is heart and soul of this smoothie. so please don't skip mint. In-fact, if you like mint then I have one more Green Smoothie recipe for you!!

Go Green this Saint Patricks Day with refreshing Green Apple and Mint Smoothie

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I have!

until tomorrow.... eat healthy and go green my friends! one drink at a time!

Happy Drinking (I mean smoothies) ;)



Green and Clean St Patrick Day Smoothie with green apple coconut and mint

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Go Green - Apple, Mint, and Coconut Milk Smoothie

Go Green - Apple, Mint, and Coconut Milk Smoothie
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3 cups - Serves: 2


Smart Swap: You can also use yogurt(not vegan) instead of coconut milk.


  • Step for Recipe - Go Green - Apple, Mint, and Coconut Milk Smoothie 1. Prepare Ingredients Give big dice to apple, and remove seeds.
  • Step for Recipe - Go Green - Apple, Mint, and Coconut Milk Smoothie 2. Blend Smoothie In a blender jar, add apple, mint, salt, honey, coconut milk, and half cup of water. Blend until smooth and creamy! Serve and enjoy!

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19 Responses

  1. When you say coconut milk do you mean carton type or canned? Thanks
    I used Canned Organic Coconut milk.
  2. Lovely smoothie... healthy, delicious and refreshing
    Kimberly, thanks!
  3. Amity, per my research, after it is filtered, honey is totally fit for vegan diet. However, if you don't consider honey vegan, replace it with Agave Syrup or sugar or natural sugar-free sweeteners like Stevea.
  4. Honey is not vegan
  5. Olivia, thanks! I'm sure you will love taste of this smoothie!
  6. I was just thinking yesterday how I need to make more smoothies. I'm not really a breakfast person, so a smoothie is ideal since I can have it on the go. Need to give this one a try! :)
  7. thanks, Jeena!
  8. Awesome, quite an interesting combination of ingredients..
  9. Beautiful smoothie. It looks so quick and delicious. :)
  10. thanks!
  11. I need to try this, sounds very refreshing! Love your healthy recipe for St. Patrick's Day!
  12. Shubha, smoothies make a big part our daily routine too! Love that you like it!
  13. Its absolutely delicious!!.. Off late our family is big on smoothies..will definitely try this:)
  14. Gingi, thanks!
  15. I've been looking for new ways to drink coconut milk! Thanks for the awesome recipe! <3 - www.domesticgeekgirl.com
  16. Anupama, thanks! It is indeed a delicious smoothie!
  17. I love this title 'Go Green Smoothie'. Sounds absolutely "delicious" and "scrumptious"! I love smoothies, and I think that I am going to make this tomorrow. :-)