Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish

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Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish

Grilling-Season is time to get outdoors and enjoy with family and friends. Clearly, this is the time of year again when everyone is cleaning their backyard, sizzling grills, and planning pool side parties. Just like all of you, we are in grilling mood too and today, my grilled Jerk Chicken Sliders have sizzled with Kingsford Charcoal!

Not just summers, we love enjoying grilling all year long. One because we love grilling and second, because it is always sunny in California! :)

Our apartment community is packed with grill-food enthusiasts. Every weekend, there is so killer aroma of grilled meat around that it is hard to resist grilling. There is a small community park near our apartment and it is PACKED with people whole week! I mean, not just weekend, in summers, we see that park crowded on weekdays too! Everyone has some burgers, veggies, and even desserts sizzling on the grill! That, my friends, makes foodie like us, "hungry" even after finishing dinner! :)

Seriously, you just want to go there and devour the feast!!

Grilled Chicken Sliders for Easy Summer Family Meal |

Recently, on Father's Day weekend, we decided to join the Community BBQ Party.

Everyone brings their own food, grill, and eat in groups.... But it still feels like a huge crowd, feasting together!! 

Following the trend, we planned to cook everything on the grill too. I decided to pre-prep food, a day in advance, and for grill, Vishal went to The Home Depot, to buy, Kingsford Original Twinpack, Charcoal.

We buy Kingsford Charcoal all the time. They have best quality of charcoal which works great for summer grilling. 

Jerk Chicken Burgers on the Grill |

For my love of grilling, planning grill-inspired menus are often very easy for me! The good things is: since Vishal loves to grill so much that he always actively participate in this menu! 

Menu: Mini Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken burgers topped with cheddar cheese, grilled beets, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce. Side of sweet grilled pineapple and onion relish/salsa. For dessert, grilled peach cobbler!

Does it sound like a delicious grilled feast or what??

Grilled Chicken Sliders for Easy Summer Family Meal |

With 4th July long weekend starting tomorrow, we are planning to hit the Community Park again and enjoy some grilled food with friends and family!!

Our Menu was total hit in last bbq party. Grilled pineapple relish (or salsa if you wish to call it) was everyone's favorite. Pineapple gets rich and sweet when cooked on grill and then mixed with spice jalapenos and crunchy scallions... this relish was a sure home run!

Have you ever tried grilled beets before?! If not, I highly recommend trying once! I bet you gonna love the color, the crunch, and sweetness it brings in every bite. Also, sweet beets compliment and balance the flavor of spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken very nicely. Even though I served ketchup on side, but really, it was not required!! 

Grilled Chicken Sliders for Easy Summer Family Meal |

All-in-all, we had great time grilling and really enjoyed being part of the community!

Easy No-Mess Chicken Patties: In recipe instructions, I've also included step-by-step guide to make Jerk Chicken Burger Patties in advance and wrap in clean wrap for easy use on grill. If not grilling all of it, this method is also great to freeze a portion and use as per need for weekday dinners!!! I mean, just take out few slider patties, thaw, remove wrap and put on grill!! Dinner is ready in  NO TIME!!

How good does that sound?

Not to forget, this grilled meal recipe use very less oil and has lots of healthy toppings of fruits and veggies. Sliders also control the portion size. Plus these burgers don't need mayo or creams.

Spicy Grilled Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Salsa |

So, friends, we are all excited to enjoy grilling whole long weekend! What are your plans for the long weekend? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish

Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 12 Chicken Sliders - Serves: 6
(NOTE: Grill Cook Time varies based on size of grill.)


Jerk Chicken Sliders
Pineapple Relish
Sliders Toppings
Smart Swap: You can also use Ground Turkey for burgers.


  • Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 1. Jerk Chicken Patties: In a bowl, add ground chicken with spices and herbs listed in the ingredient list.
    Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 2. With clean hands, lightly mix everything together. Then divide into 12 equal portions. To carry food to the park, I make and wrap patties in individual cling wraps. Place a small patty mold/ring below plastic sheet and fill ring cavity with chicken. Additional Notes: If serving sliders, divide to 12 portions. If serving regular size burgers, divide into 6-8 portions.
  • Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 3. Slightly pat to fit in and wrap all sides of plastic wrap around.
    Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 4. Remove from ring and place one the side. Look how nice, even and good looking these burger patties are. No mess and ready to grill!!!
  • Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 5. Repeat step 2-4 to make all 12 patties for chicken sliders. Refrigerate until ready to grill.
    Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 6. Get the grill ready. Burn the charcoal in fire-starter. Once coal started to burn, add on charcoal grill and add more charcoal to keep fire going for long time. First, add sliced pineapple on grill and cook until nice grill-marks appear. Additional Notes: You can also use a grilling pan for grilling pineapple.
  • Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 7. Also place chicken patties on grill and grill for 3-4 minute each side (or until chicken is fully cooked). Once first side is cooked, flip and put slice of cheese on cooked side to melt the cheese. Also drizzle oil on beet slices, season with salt and place on low-heat side of grill.
    Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 8. While chicken is getting ready, slice grilled pineapple, add jalapeno, scallions, oil, salt, black pepper and mix well. Set aside to develop more flavor while you finish grilling chicken.
  • Step for Recipe - Jerk Chicken Sliders with Grilled Pineapple Relish 9. Assemble Sliders: Place few leaves of lettuce on bottom half of burger bun, top with grilled jek chicken, slice of tomato and slice of grilled beet. Serve with side of pineapple relish and enjoy!!!

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  1. These chicken sliders look absolutely delicious. Nice Post.
  2. These look delicious!! And you're right, the beets look great!! I'm going to have to try this recipe soon! #client
    Sarah, thanks for your kind words. I hope you like it when you try!
  3. They look so tempting!! Love the recipe and that relish....oh so good!!
  4. These jerk chicken sliders look divine! Love the flavours! :D
    Jess, thanks for you kind words. I'm glad you like this recipe.
  5. Wow, the community barbeque sounds so much fun! This looks one awesome slider :)
    Gauri, thanks! :)
  6. What a fun twist for a grilling recipe! We have all sorts of plans for the grill this weekend, but now I need to see if I can squeeze these jerk chicken sliders into the lineup, too. These look awesome, Savita!
    thanks, David! I hope you had great time grilling for 4th! :)
  7. Ever since I went to Jamaica I am obsessed with anything jerk, so this burger sounds perfect for me. I am so happy that it is burger season.
    Me too :) Grilling and burger season is THE best!
  8. I am sooo drooling Savita. Those are fabulous!
  9. Ooo loved the grilled pineapple!! yummy!
    thanks my friend!
  10. wow....its like summer in the mouth. Yum Yum Yum
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