Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake

Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake

5 Ingredients and just 15 minutes, plus NO baking for an easy summer dessert! Who does not like that? If dessert happens to be an Ice Cream Layer Cake stud with fresh strawberries? Then, it is super awesome! 

Why Ice Cream Cake? 

Well, it's SO HOT outside!! Don't you crave for something chilled and frozen to beat the summer heat?? Plus it was my B'Day on 15th July. Hence, an ice cream cake for B'day girl ;-)

As kid, there was NO birthday when I not had a surprise cake, made specially for me. However, now, we find a big cake is too much for just two of us. So. these days, every birthday, we simply go-out and have a nice dinner.

I'm sure you will say, "Bake a small cake at home". I would love to do that... In-fact, I bake or make something sweet for Vishal's birthday..... but NEVER for my own. I mean, who surprise herself with a b'day cake? lol! I'm not sure about you, but I don't think I will stand in the kitchen for my own birthday. ;-)

My birthday falls in hot summer days of July, every year!! ha ha ha! Clearly this is the time to avoid oven, stove, and too much cooking!

No-Bake 15 minutes Ice Cream Layer Cake for National Ice Cream Day | chefdehome.com

Vishal do surprise me with chocolate covered berries or banana every year. When, this year, Shari's Berries sent me a box of delicious chocolate covered strawberries...... I felt, since I already have my favorite berries..... may be I can surprise myself, a little, with some easy, simple, and chilled dessert for birthday.

Considering the 100 degrees temperature and childhood nostalgia of birthday cakes..... Ice Cream Cake fit perfectly in the equation. However, I still had no plans to stand in the kitchen. So, for sweet treat, I assembled a layered Ice Cream Pound cake in just 15 minutes.

Cake was certainly a delicious way to have little "me" time. Plus, Shari's Berries were really cherry-on-top. When I opened the Shari's Berry Box, I was amazed to see such big, beautiful strawberries coated in thick chocolate and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles and almonds. 

Chocolate Covered Juicy Sharis Berries | chefdehome.com

Vishal came home early. We had a lite lunch and then enjoyed some Shari's Berries and slice of Ice Cream Layer Cake. What I like best about this cake was Frozen Pound Cake itself! As you know, pound cake is rich, sweet, and buttery. Like any other frozen dessert, after freezing, it was just right sweet, rich, and almost melted-in-mouth! Plus layer of creamy ice cream and fresh strawberries made it even more scrumptious!

However, since making at home, it gave me option to go easy with ice cream layer and use a good pound cake. It was far less sweet than store-bought ice cream cakes! 

Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake with Chocolate Strawberries for 15 minutes Birthday Treat | chefdehome.com

It was freaking hot on 15th July. I took just a few quick pictures before digging into the cake, and still ice cream started melting away.... very quickly.  I assembled the cake and froze for only 2 hours. Next time, I will freeze this cake for minimum 4 hours or overnight, so that ice cream layer is fully rock solid and does not melt immediately.

After our personal time with birthday cake, we headed for some outing before dinner. Really had great time.... good food and even enjoyed another round of cake and berries at night :)

Ps: Now you know why I did not show up, on blog, past two days!

5 ingredients no-bake Ice Cream Layer Cake | chefdehome.com

Before you head to the recipe, let me quickly sum-up this easy cake for you again:

1. You just need 4 ingredients and 15 minutes to make this Ice Cream Layer Cake.
2. No Baking needed! Perfect for hot summer days.
3. Frozen cake with Ice Cream layered for a delectable and refreshing Summer Treat!
4. If you have forget to order an Ice Cream Cake for friend's (or even your own) birthday, this cake will save your day. :)
5. Last but not the least, coming Sunday is "National Ice Cream Day" . How about an easy Ice Cream Layer Cake for family and friends?!

Wish you all a great weekend and happy #NationalIceCreamDay! -Savita

Few more treats to celebrate Ice Cream Season!

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Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake

Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 1 Loaf IceCream Cake - Serves: 6
(Idle Freezing Time: 3-4 hours)


Ice Cream Pound Cake


  • 1. Remove ice cream from freezer 20 minutes before starting the assembly. This time varies with what kind of weather you live-in. If it is very hot, and chances of melting ice-cream quickly, then keep it out for less time. Or remove from freezer just before assembly and mix with spatula to soften.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake 2. Remove the pound cake from paper cake pan. Reserve cake pan for assembly. Slice the cake into three even slices.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake 3. Assembly: Place bottom slice of pound cake in pan. Top with a layer of softened ice cream. Use half of total or less like I have added a very thin layer for my personal taste. Top with half of fresh chopped strawberries.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake 4. Place second layer of pound cake on top. Then pour-in another even layer of ice cream, followed by remaining chopped strawberries.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake 5. Place the last slice (top 1/3) of pound cake on top. Wrap in plastic wrap or into aluminium foil and refrigerate for minimum 2 to 3 hours or overnight.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake 6. Before serving, remove ice cream cake from refrigerator. Remove foil. Cup open and discard the paper cake pan. Trim the edges with serrated knife to expose cake layers.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake 7. Dust with powder sugar. Garnish with some mint and strawberries. Serve immediately!
Savita's Notes:

I have used about 1.25 cup of ice cream since I just wanted a nice, thin ice cream layer. Use whole 2 cups (1 pint) for more thicker ice layers.

Don't let ice cream melt or it will squeeze out from cake layers.... leaving layers even thinner.

Disclaimer: Chocolate Strawberry Samples provided by Shari's Berries. All views expressed are my own.

© Chef De Home. Post content including video and photos are copyright protected.

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  1. So fun and easy to make!
    thanks, Aaron!
  2. Belated happy birthday!!! I am sorry i have logged in late... i can see you had an awesome celebration, this looks absolutely stunning :)
    Aw... Gauri, my friend, no need to be sorry, ever! We all get busy! Don't we? And thank you so much for wishes. xo
  3. Looks so tempting
  4. Belated happy birthday dear. love this quick and delicious ice cream cake. Wish I could grab a slice
  5. You have a wonderful blog...all dishes are awesome. ..this ice cream cake is just super.
    thanks, Moumita!
  6. Wish you a very happy happy Bday with loads of happiness and my all your dreams come true!!...This cake looks gorgeous and perfectly made!!
    Thanks, Padma for wonderful wishes! :) You have a great day.
  7. Hey a very happy Birthday Savita!! Stay blessed!! Now the recipe, so easy, quick and delicious!!! Love the combinations!
    Thank you so much Puneet for wonderful wishes! :) I'm glad you like this cake!
  8. Happy late Birthday, Savita! You should totally crush on those chocolate covered treats and stay out of the kitchen!
    Thanks, my friend for beautiful wishes! You have a great day!
  9. Mmmm so delicious and easy!! Happy happy birthday my friend, wish you lots of happiness and success in life!! :) lots of love! xoxo So happy to read that you had a wonderful time! PS: I am one of those weirdos who makes their own birthday cake! lol :D
    Aw.. thanks my dear friend for SO sweet wishes. xoxo You know what, it's okay if you bake a cake for yourself, actually it very good to pamper yourself once-in-a-while. There is nothing weird about it. I figured, it's just me...too lazy (as always) to pamper myself. :)
  10. This looks so perfect!! I can't wait to try this. Perfect for all this intense heat :).
    Annie, thanks my dear friend for sweet words. I hope you like it when you try.