Ranch Sauce

10 minutes, and pantry ingredients for a homemade creamy Ranch Sauce better than store bought.

Ranch Sauce
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This Homemade Ranch Sauce recipe yields a creamy, and delicious sauce loaded with traditional ranch dressing flavors. Seasonings of dill, onion, and garlic, and tang of sour cream is super addictive. If you have never tried Ranch Sauce then this yummy sauce is a must try! With only 10 minutes to prepare and pantry ingredients it is way easy to prepare from-scratch at home than you might imagine.

Whether it is Sunday game day or a BBQ party.. Ranch Sauce is perfect dipper on side with Crudities, Potato Wedges, or Buffalo Wings. It is also gluten free.

Creamy Ranch Sauce with Dill and Garlic

This Ranch Sauce recipe can be easily adapted to make salad dressing. When I serve Ranch Sauce as dip or drizzle on hearty snacks such as wings, potatoes.. I like sauce consistency creamy, thick that coat the potatoes as these are dipped into the sauce. Where as for salad dressing, sauce is best little thin, creamy yet pour-able. It should not weigh-down the delicate greens but make a nice lite creamy coating.

To make ranch salad dressing increase the amount of liquid (milk, water) as suggested in notes of Recipe Card. Always remember to adjust seasonings to taste.

Crispy Ranch Potato with Ranch Sauce Drizzle

Above is glimpse of Baked Ranch Potato with extra ranch-licious drizzle of Ranch Sauce.  I highly recommend trying this Ranch Sauce with Ranch Potatoes.

Until I perfected my homemade recipe, I always kept Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix in pantry. My homemade version is more flavorful, and also gives me freedom to make sauce at moment's notice without worrying to make a run to store. A quick mix of mayo, sour cream with ranch seasonings and sauce is ready. Isn't that easy? 

This Ranch Sauce has delicious garlicky ranch flavor that can't be missed. My secret to this is fresh garlic. Yes! I use fresh grated garlic instead of garlic powder. This makes a lot of difference in making Ranch Sauce tastier just as served in restaurants.

This time, I drizzled Ranch Sauce on warm crispy Baked Potatoes. (picture above) I hope you will enjoy it as mush as we did.

-Savita x

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Ranch Sauce

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Ranch Sauce
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3/4 Cup Sauce - Serves: 4
(No. of servings depends on serving size.)


Smart Swap: Replace mayo with vegan mayo for egg-free sauce.


  • 1. Prepare Ranch Sauce ingredients - rough chop garlic, remove seed from jalapeno, rough chop fresh parsley and dill leaves.
  • 2. In a food processor jar, add all of the above ingredients (except milk) and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Process to make smooth paste, then add 2 tbsp milk and pulse again to adjust the consistency. (I add 2-5 tbsp to get creamy sauce which is good to dip/coat potatoes. For salad dressing consistency, add more milk).
  • 3. Taste and adjust salt. Transfer sauce to a jar or container with lid. Refrigerate until ready to use.
Savita's Notes:

*Milk - Milk is used to adjust the consistency of sauce. It also tone down the acidity. I use between 2-5 based on consistency I'm looking for. For the sauce you see in pictures, I used about 4 tbsp. Sauce was thick, creamy coated potatoes very well.

**Mayo - I often replace mayo with vegetarian substitute - Veganise due to dietary restriction. If you looking for no-mayo Ranch Sauce, just replace mayo with Veganise. It tastes equally great.


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