Turkey Seasoning

Turkey Seasoning
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Turkey Seasoning, mix of delightful herbs and spices which alone can brighten-up flavor of Turkey Roast or any Meat Roast you plan to make this holiday season. Also sharing important time saving tips, and easy steps to get full flavor, best tasting roasted turkey. 

Today, feeling of approaching holiday season and herbs in my garden inspired me to share this Turkey Rub recipe. In late fall, most of our herb plants die due to frost. So, I often freeze dry, oven dry, or cook with most of my herbs. This works and align perfectly with recipes post on blog. Like, today, can there be a better time for a Turkey Seasoning recipe?! You can use this recipe and make-ahead now. One thing off the holiday prep list. You are welcome. :-)

Honestly, my little herb garden saves me ton of money and provides so much culinary inspiration. Like Parsley for Tabbouleh, Thyme for Za'atar Chicken and Oregano from Chicken Souvlaki all were from herb garden. One other herb-blend that is very helpful in roasting Poultry is today's Turkey Seasoning Rub. 

Turkey Dry rub mix of 10 spices and herbs

My turkey rub is blend of two flavors - dry spice rub and herbs. All herbs in this rub recipe are fresh from my garden and spices from Mccormick. (can't beat the quality if spices Mccormick offers.) 

a) Dry Rub: Dry rub for turkey is blend of 6 quintessential spices can be easily assembled way ahead of time to cook the bird. This minimize the effort and trips to market near thanksgiving. If you believe in testing the recipe before making for big dinner? I recommend making a double batch. Use one to roast a chicken. I'm certain you will love the flavors. Keep the second to roast the turkey. 
b) Herbs: Herbs rub can used fresh or dried. If using dried, you mix it with the dry rub. However, I highly recommend the fresh herbs. It will create flavorful turkey roast with those herbaceous and spiced turkey drippings. Perfect for an amazing gravy. (hint hint)

Fresh Herbs for Turkey Rub

Note: You can also roast turkey with only Herb Rub with salt and black pepper. Or only Dry Rub.

c) Oil, Butter and Fresh Garlic: As I suggest in recipe, mix the dry rub and herbs with oil and butter to make a paste. This will make dry rub or herbs stick better on bird and resulting roasted dripping are extra flavorful.

Then make sure to apply seasoning paste:

1) Under the skin.
2) Massage on the skin.
3) Inside the cavity.

In complete recipe, I also recommend using fresh garlic, fresh onion along with dried onion and garlic in dry rub. This might sound like lot of garlic but trust me, the blend of fresh and dried adds good amount of flavor to roasting turkey.

It sounds like bit of effort to get all ingredients together but the result Turkey Roast is sensational delicious.

To save time:

1) Make Ahead Dry rub up-to 2 months in advance. Now is the perfect time.
2) Chop fresh herbs and mix with 2 tbsp oil. Refrigerate in right lid container 2 days in advance.
3) Prepare (marinate) thawed turkey in prepared turkey seasoning a day in advance. 

On big dinner day. Simply take out of refrigerator, prepare as desired. 

Homemade best Turkey Seasoning Recipe ever

Don't forget to pin this recipe. Grab all ingredients and make-ahead dry rub. (One important thing off the holiday list.)

Enjoy! -Savita x

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Turkey Seasoning

Turkey Seasoning
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3/4 Cup Seasoning - Serves: 6
(Perfect for one large Turkey Roast.)


Dry Rub (Make-Ahead Seasoning)
Savory Herbs Rub
Turkey Roast


  • 1. Mix all of the dry rub ingredients in a small bowl. If using dried herbs, mix herbs into the dry rub to make one turkey seasoning. Store in airtight container, in cool dark place for up-to 2 months.
  • 2. For Herb Rub (if using fresh herbs), add fresh chopped Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, and Parsley into a small bowl with olive oil. Additional Notes: This herb mix stays good up-to two days.
  • 3. Day before turkey roast, in a small bowl, mix 2 tbsp of olive oil, room temperature butter, dry rub (created in step-1) and herb mixture (created in step 2). Combine to make a paste. Massage the turkey liberally with the resulting seasoning paste, make sure to rub generously under the skin. Tuck slices of garlic under the skin. Massage any remaining seasoning paste inside the turkey cavity then add bay leaves, onion, and remaining sliced garlic.
  • 4. Refrigerate turkey until ready to bake. Prepare as desired.

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