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Grilled Greek Chicken kabobs marinated in flavorful oregano, garlic marinade, served with side of grilled pita!

Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Souvlaki is Greek chicken kabobs marinated in fresh herb oregano (my fav), garlic, lemon, olive oil and seasonings. So simple, but amazingly flavorful chicken kabobs, Chicken Souvlaki is must try for every Mediterranean food lover! *Gluten free, carb-free, low-fat, paleo, and whole-30 diet friendly.

So today I thought to give you another favorite to include in your Summer BBQ menu! 

Oh, and no worries if you not looking to grill. I have included instructions to prepare chicken souvlaki kabobs in oven! With just 10 minutes prep and pantry staples, this Greek chicken main course is much easier to prepare at home than you might imagine. 

So, let's cook some chicken sooov-lah-kee! Shall we?

Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

Just like most Greek chicken recipes, herbs and spices are heart of Chicken souvlaki. Being a spice and herbs fanatic, this chicken preparation won me over for my love of oregano. I came across oregano chicken (first time) in a Mexican restaurant... (I know! What are the odds?!)

...then, second time in a Greek restaurant.. even though both marinades and taste profiles were different.. one thing I connected with immediately.. and that was the oregano. 

If you love Greek/Mexican cooking.. I'm sure you are no new to flavor of oregano. It is also a good antioxidant and healthy herb. I love using it in soups, and even in salad dressings

In simple words, there is no chicken souvlaki without oregano. Period.

Of course, garlic, lemon, and olive oil are also important ingredients in souvlaki marinade.. but oregano, is the Star! My personal touch in this marinade is cumin powder (for some earthiness), parsley for freshness, and little chili flakes for a subtle kick.

Chicken Souvlaki Marinade

For chicken souvlaki recipe, I used combination of fresh and dried oregano. Dried oregano is more potent and adds more punch of flavor. Honestly, when I don't have fresh oregano in-hand, I often replace is all with dried.

To prepare chicken souvlaki, I start by mixing marinate ingredients, oregano, garlic, lemon, olive oil, parsley, chili flakes, and cumin powder in a bowl or a seal-able plastic bag. Once marinade is ready, I either slice chicken into bite-size pieces or pound chicken tenders into flat strips to make (little fancy) skewers. Either ways, for good flavor, it is important to marinate chicken for at-least 30 minutes. This is what brings out the flavor of oregano and garlic. Also, marinade tenderizes chicken and kabobs come out moist and juicy. Pure yumm

When ready to grill, I skew chicken onto skewers, and throw on pre-heated grill until chicken is fully cooked from all sides and kabobs have nice char.. exactly like you get in Greek restaurants! 

That's it! Souvlaki Chicken is really THAT easy recipe. Just make sure to keep an eye on chicken when start to char, don't let oregano burn out. I like to brush kabobs with mixture of lemon, oil and salt.. this mixture keeps kabobs moist and prevents burning of delicious marinade.

Easy Souvlaki Chicken Kabobs Recipe

Mix marinade, marinate chicken, skew and grill! #deliciouschickensouvlaki

In-fact, I often marinate an extra batch of chicken. (Marinade recipe doubles easily). then, one weekdays, even when I have no plans to switch-on grill, chicken souvlaki is ready in oven or even on stove-top in a cast iron grill pan. My personal favorite is oven-method.. or I should say, oven broil method because it brings that charred grilled kabobs flavor in chicken.

Note: I have included method to cook chicken souvlaki in oven in the notes because you will be making it again. I bet! This recipe is a sure winner!

Chicken Souvlaki Kabobs

The chicken souvlaki recipe is *gluten free but I'm including grilled pita idea for serving. It is optional, yet I must say, Souvlaki and pita are simply made for each other. To grill pita, oil pita bread, and throw on the grill just until nice grill mark appears on both sides. Serve on side for a complete Mediterranean chicken dinner with side of rice and salad. I also recommend serving Tzatziki sauce on side.

*If you want to keep dinner gluten free, only serve with side of rice and greens salad. If looking for carb free... Skip rice as well and double the amount of greens. 

Now, this is the magic of home cooking! Isn't it? Gluten free, carb free or just a Greek-style dinner night, you can take homemade food and go many healthy directions!

Chicken Souvlaki Kabobs recipe with rice and pita

Malai Chicken Tikka, Greek-style Grilled Turkey Burgers, Chickpea Burgers.. I'm all about summer grilling these days! 

So, not just stop there! This week, I have plans to bring to you, two more recipes that will add value to your Chicken Souvlaki Dinner! If you making this tonight, cook some extra and save leftovers. hint hint

(check back soon!)


June 6: Tzatziki Sauce

June 9: Creamy Healthy Tzatziki Chicken Salad

-Savita x

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Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Souvlaki
Total Time Prep Time Cook Time Difficulty Easy Yields 3-4 Servings Serves 3 Notes No. of servings depends on serving size. (Nutrition/serving does not include Pita Bread or Rice) Nutrition 328 calories per serving


    Chicken Souvlaki
  • 1.5 lbs Chicken  (3-4 boneless breast or 12-14 chicken tenders)
  • 3 tbsp Oregano  (fresh leaves, or 1.5 tbsp dried, or mix half-half)
  • 1 tbsp Garlic  (about 4-5 garlic cloves, fresh minced)
  • 3 tbsp Olive Oil  
  • 1/4 Cup Lemon  (juice, about 1 large lemon's juice)
  • 1/2 tsp Cumin Powder  
  • 2 tbsp Parsley  (fresh leaves, chopped)
  • 1/2 tsp Chili Flakes  
  • 1/2 tsp Salt  
  • 1/4 tsp Black Pepper  (freshly cracked)
  • Grilled Pita, for Serving (optional)
  • Oil Spray  
  • Pita Bread  


  • 1. In a wide bowl (with a lid) or in seal-able bag, add all ingredients except chicken in the ingredient list above. Mix well and set aside.
  • Step for Recipe - Chicken Souvlaki
    2. Slice chicken breast into small 1-2 inch pieces. Add to the marinade and coat into the marinade. Cover with lid (or close the bag), refrigerate until ready to use. Marinating for 20-30 minutes tenderize the meat and makes it very flavorful. You can marinate it up-to overnight.
    Additional Notes
    You can also use chicken tenders or cut chicken breast into small strips (2 inch long, 1-2 inch wide), place on a tray. Top with piece of plastic wrap, then pound a bit to make even size.
  • Step for Recipe - Chicken Souvlaki
    3. For grilling, preheat grill. Skew pieces of marinated chicken souvlaki into the skewers. I **skewed about 4-5 long tenders per skewer. Grill on preheated grill until chicken is fully cooked from all sides.
    Additional Notes
    If cooking in oven, check **Oven Method in notes.
  • Step for Recipe - Chicken Souvlaki
    4. If serving grilled pita on side, spray oil on grill pita bread until nice grill marks appear on both sides (30 sec to 1 minute each side). Serve on side with Chicken Souvlaki! Serve and enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

Grilling Tips:

Leave a little space towards handle of skewers for proper handling on grill.

If using wooden skewers, pre soak them in water so that these not burn quickly on grill. I also cover tips of skewers with aluminum foil to avoid burning while grilling.

Chicken Souvlaki in oven To prepare in oven, preheat oven, place skewers on sheet lined with foil/parchment. Set broiler on, cook 5-7 minutes each side or until kabobs are fully cooked.

Calories/Serving: There are 328 calories per serving. It does not include side of pita bread or rice. Please note, in grilled meats, oil used in marinade mostly drips away. So, actually calories will be even lesser.

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  1. Sounds yummy. Would like to try for a church pot luck. Could I eliminate the skewers and broil as such in the sheet pan?

    Yes, that should be okay. I would flip once half-way to insure even cooking. I hope it helps.
  2. Can’t wait to try
  3. This looks amazing! How are you threading the chicken? Is it an overlapped style, or just chunks?

    Thanks Rose. These are small lengthwise sliced pieces of chicken, and I double thread each. I hope it helps.
  4. Excellent recipe! Made them in the oven and they turned out perfect, not in the least bit dry. Wonderfully tender and flavorful. My only adjustment was to tone down the lemon juice.
  5. Great recipe! Whats the temperature for the oven ?

    Thanks, Virginia. I preheat the oven at Broiler setting. Check the notes below the Recipe Card for details. Happy cooking!
  6. Can I reheat the marinade and serve with the kebabs?

    You can use marinade to brush the kebabs while grilling. This will make kebabs more moist and flavorful. That said, I don't recommend serving marinade on the side.
  7. Do I move the rack to the top to broil or leave in the middle and just have it on the broil setting?

    I would move the rack one below the top most. I hope it helps.
  8. Ever tried making this with orange juice instead of lemon? Would it work?
  9. These are awesome. Very flavorful and tender. Thanks for the recipe!

    Thanks for feedback, Sharon. I'm glad you enjoyed.
  10. Loveeeeee this recipe! Can't say enough good things about it! Brought it to work for lunch and my co-workers couldn't help but ask for the recipe. Only question I have is do you know all the nutrient information on this dish?

    Thanks Diana. I'm glad you enjoyed Souvlaki. Unfortunately, I don't have complete chart of nutrition information at this point. We are in process of making this available for every recipe.
  11. The dish came out great! Chicken was very tender and moist. Thank you for sharing. My family loved it.

    Octavia, thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you enjoyed Chicken Souvlaki.
  12. taste great
  13. Delicious! My husband asks for this every week!

    Thanks for letting me know. Glad to hear your family loves Souvlaki.
  14. We tried this last night for our BBQ and loved it, served with a simple salad as it was so tasty - will be a favourite from now on.

    Helen, thanks for sweet feedback. Such words make my day and encourage me to keep developing flavors. So, thank you for taking time to leave feedback. I appreciate it. Happy to see Souvlaki will be regular on your menu. Happy Cooking!
  15. Hello, is it possible to cook the chicken skewers in a pan? Thanks

    Hi, you can cook chicken souvlaki in pan just like you cook any chicken recipe but not skewers. I wonder how will skewers fit in pan. So, I would marinate the chicken like stated in recipe then heat a pan with some oil, add chicken and cook until both sides are browned and chicken is well cooked. Cover with sheet to avoid splatter. I hope it helps.
  16. Wow! I’ve made souvlaki in the past and it always seemed to lacked flavour. Not this recipe, the cumin and red pepper flakes give it the perfect taste. Our family love this recipe! Thank you for sharing

    Thanks for sweet feedback. Cumin and Oregano are heart of flavorful Souvlaki. I'm glad your family enjoyed it.
  17. Best chicken I’ve made in a long time! This recipe was delicious...easy and quick to make, balanced in flavor, and I wouldn't change a thing! All of the teenagers in my house agreed, so it'll be on my rotation for certain.

    Hi Ann, I'm glad to hear your family enjoyed Souvlaki so much. I'm so happy to share this recipe. High Five for a family favorite.
  18. I just made this on the grill with turkey cutlets. It was delicious!! I even had to sub jarred minced garlic and red pepper flakes, but it was still amazing. My hubby loved it too and wanted to make sure I saved it!

    Thanks for wonderful feedback, Kim. I'm glad you guys enjoyed Souvlaki marinade so much. So many options!
  19. Can you freeze these to cook at a later time?

    Hi Candy, yes you can always freeze marinated fresh chicken with souvlaki marinade. I would NOT freeze if using previously frozen, now thawed, chicken. (We should never re-freeze poultry/meat.) To thaw, remove from freezer, leave it overnight in refrigerator. Or use the method you already use to thaw. I hope it helps.
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