Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 2

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 2

Friends, today's weekly meal menu plan has it all. 

7 days of easy meal recipes, plus dinner rolls and dessert recipe of the week! Look no further because I have also included a drink to complete your weekly menu. 

Here is how it rolls:

1. All meal recipes can be made-ahead unless otherwise noted in the recipe description.

2. Even bread rolls can be made over weekend and frozen for weekday use.

3. I highly recommend trying Strawberry Aqua Fresca (you can make it virgin by swapping the Vodka with sparkling water.)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday - You can even prepare meatless meatballs w/ sauce over the weekend and refrigerate/freeze to serve Monday dinner in minutes.

Meatless Meatballs with Beans and Tomato Sauce

Vegetarian zucchini meatballs or koftas simmered in homemade black beans and tomato sauce. A hearty and veggie-full dinner which is vegan as well as gluten free! How good is that? This is one of the most favorite meatless dinner on my weekday menu! Often I serve kofta and bean dinner with rice and side of...

Tuesday - Let's get the taco night going with this easy slow cooker salsa chicken! TIP: Save some to make stuffed pepper dinner on Thursday (recipe below)

5 Ingredients Crockpot Salsa Chicken

With this recipe, I'm giving you an easy, I mean, seriously super easy chicken dinner recipe. This is a kinda recipe which you can put together, right now.. I mean right this minute. Just if you have few simple spices in pantry.. then this 5 ingredients crock pot salsa chicken is actually 2-ingredients rec...

Wednesday - Italian night can't get easier than this creamy mushrooms and sun-dried tomato cream sauce Spaghetti! (quite a mouthful and scrumptious too!)

One Pot Gluten Free Spaghetti with Mushroom Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Earthy crimini mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes cooked in flavor-packed sun-dried tomato oil, garlic, and herbs with gluten free spaghetti coated in lighter yet silky cream sauce. Finished in one pot, this delicious Italian pasta dinner comes together in just 20 minutes! Whether it is a busy weekday or rel...

Thursday - Thursday is made easy with this one pan stuffed peppers.

Chipotle Chicken and Chickpea Stuffed Heirloom Peppers

There is just one way to describe these Stuffed Peppers - Nom Nom Nom!!! And there is just one thought for this scrumptious 3-Cs stuffing, give-me-my-old-spoon and forget-I-exist-for-10-minutes!!! Yes, just 10 minutes because once I have a spoonful of this stuffing, rest just disappears.... Plus, I am so m...

Friday - Friday is no cook day in our home. If you want to eat something fast, homemade ? We have an idea!

15 Minutes Easy Kale Tortellini Soup

A deliciously simple kale soup with flavorful lite broth, creamy Tortellini pasta and a touch parmesan. This soup speaks "comfort" without undoing your diet. Also, 15 minutes and just simple 7 easy-to-find ingredients and Kale Tortellini Soup fly from kitchen to dinner table.... or even for weekend lunch f...

Saturday - Let's have some fun and serve restaurant-style Indian dinner at home! How about Butter Chicken?

Restaurant Style Butter Chicken in Slow Cooker

How about coming home from work, and a restaurant quality Indian Butter Chicken dinner is waiting for you?! Sounds tempting? Isn't it? This is the charm of slow cooker, my friends. Today, I'm giving you one more reason to dust-off your slow cooker, for this easy Indian homemade Butter Chicken dinner!!Read...

Sunday - This is the comfort-dinner day! Don't forget to bake the bread.

Lamb and Potatoes Stew

Last week had been quiet exciting! I shared few of my favorite breads, curries, and salad with you all! I am still enjoying a piece of Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Roll while typing this post. This week, I want to dedicate to some warm and comforting stews, lite breads, plus a little bit of festivity which is MUS...

Bread of the week!

The Best Parker House Bread Rolls from Omni Parker House Rolls

I am so fond of fresh breads/rolls, just-out-of-the-oven kinda-fresh! Growing up, our meal always included bread of some kind - flat bread, fried bread, yeast bread, or egg bread, one of these were always there to dunk-in curry/stews... by-virtue of those delicious family-meals, my bread adventures are pre...

What's for dessert?!

Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros

How about Mexican chocolate sauce, smokey roasted marshmallows and decadent churros for dessert after dinner this Sunday? Now, who will say "no" to S'mores?! Twisted classic, American S'mores get royal treatment with Mexican Churros meeting rich Mexican chocolate ganache sauce and toasted marshmallows!! Go...

Drink Me Up!

Spiked Vodka Strawberry Agua Fresca

Sharing today, a refreshing Red White and Blue theme, 4th of July party cocktail made with fresh juicy strawberries, sugar, splash of lime juice and punch of premium quality Vodka. Call it Spiked Strawberry Agua Fresca or Strawberry Fresca Cocktail, these all names sum up to refreshing and colorful glass o...

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  1. Savita, do you have suggestion for all vegan menu? I love your recipes and wonder if you can share some vegan menus? Thanks.