Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 11

Another week of fall inspired Menu Plan!? Yes, please!
Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 11

This week's menu is yet another Fall inspired meal's menu. I could not sum-up my love for fall produce - pumpkin, butternut and everything in-between in one weekly dinner menu... So I'm here again with few more delicious recipes. 

This week's menu plan has 12 recipes. I have tried to include equal number of vegetarian and meat/chicken recipes. Like I always suggest, these recipes can make 4-6 variations of week meal prep. Choose as per your preference.

To use this menu, make stews/soups/sauces ahead. Freeze or refrigerate. Sides can be prepared ahead too. For weekday dinner, just thaw, heat, serve! 

I also recommend looking at previous Meal Menus for some mix and match recipe ideas here.

Oh, and don't get surprised if you see few more rounds of fall recipes. Fall obsession you guys! :-)

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

-Savita x

Monday - Start Monday meatless with this seasonal Carrot Pesto Sauce Pasta

Carrot Pesto Sauce Pasta

Imagine, eating creamy pasta for dinner.. even when no marinara, alfredo, or basil pesto sauce in hand but just a handful of fresh carrots!! Yes, you read it right. Carrots, no carrot greens! Sharing today, a 6 ingredient Carrot Sauce Pasta made with fresh carrot's pesto. Nutty parmesan, pine nuts, sweet...

Tuesday - One of my favorite Butternut Squash soup ever!

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Goat Cheese

Tender and sweet roasted butternut squash with tangy goat cheese, aromatic thyme, little heat, and crunchy pumpkin seeds! Just bring the bread, my friends, because dinner is ready! Summers are still far from over in my part of the world..... but with yesterday's Caprese Focaccia Bread a.k.a Transition Reci...

Wednesday: The most busy day of week let slow cooker work for you with this complete meal - chicken and wild rice soup!

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup in Slow Cooker

Easy creamy chicken and wild rice soup with artichokes, spinach and flavorful spices... prepared in your trusty slow cooker. Healthy dose of spinach, some boneless chicken, and some potent spices is my go-to recipe for wild rice soups. For this version, I also added some frozen artichokes, carrots, and lem...

Side: Serve French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms on side with any soup. Can be made ahead and frozen.

French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms

It is officially last week of summer and I already welcomed fall last week. LOL! I guess I'm the eager one! Actually, Fall Season starts on 22nd September 2017. We have forecast of rain and thunderstorm for whole week... So, I felt these cozy stuffed mushrooms caps with hint of nutmeg will be perfect to se...

Yes for One-Pot Buffalo Chicken and Rice Casserole for Thursday! You will LOVE the flavors.

One Pot Buffalo Chicken and Rice Casserole

A comforting cheesy chicken and rice casserole loaded with buffalo sauce, chicken, veggies, rice and melted cheese! This, my friends, is my take on weekend game-day favorite Buffalo Chicken turned into a comforting winter dinner! You need just 5 minutes of prep and 20 minutes of cooking time. Just like yo...

This Pumpkin Quick Bread serves two purpose: fall inspired Breakfast or easy bread to dunk in soups!

Easy Pumpkin Bread

I bet you agree... A good moist bread can make any meal extra-special! For me, a bowl of warm soup , a warm stew or hot breakfast Chai tea demands a bread on the side. So, today I thought to give you an easy weekend project to work on. This pumpkin bread is as easy as mix, pour and bake! Since it is a quic...

Friday: I prefer Friday meal as quick as this Soba Noodles, tofu and spinach bowl. Healthy and loaded with flavors.

Buckwheat Soba Noodles with Coconut-Lime Tofu

This sesame garlic soba noodles and spinach stir fry with sweet and lemony coconut-lime tofu is perfect to start meatless Monday fit and healthy. In just 15 minutes from kitchen to dinner tables, this quick dinner can fit in any schedule! In my family, not just dinner, this vegan noodle bowl is also for lu...

Saturday: We are not following any rule this week. So this Miso Ginger Salmon with Kale and Quinoa sound perfect for Saturday dinner.

Miso Ginger Salmon with Kale and Quinoa

A healthy gut-friendly miso-ginger marinated Salmon served with side of lemony Sesame Kale salad and quinoa.Dust-off the grill or switch-on broiler for few minutes..... and let's welcome spring with a lite, low-calorie Salmon Dinner. Sounds good? Isn't it?Friends, this salmon dinner comes with promise of a...

You will fall in love with fall-inspired Roasted Acorn Squash Quinoa Salad with zippy dressing!

Roasted Acorn Squash, Microgreens and Quinoa Salad

Every year, during peak squash season, we get a healthy supply of squash, and a few acorn squash too! All squash are consumed fast.... what remains behind is Acorns! I'm not acorn squash hater, but I don't know why I'm always lazy to finish acorn squash. This year too, story repeated itself, and dark gree...

Sunday or whenever! A delicious Chicken and Pasta for dinner.

Spicy Chicken Chipotle Cream Sauce Pasta

Today's recipe is copycat of Cheesecake Factory's Spicy Chicken Chipotle Cream Sauce Pasta. I simply love their Chipotle Pasta... The hint of spice, creamy sauce, crunchy veggies, and succulent chicken.... oh, and crispy tortilla chips!!! yumm! There is nothing in this dish which I don't like. You know the...

A salad is must in every meal plan. Don't forget to eat greens!

Apple and Goat Cheese Salad with White Balsamic-Herb Dressing | Boudin Bakery Copycat

Every texture, every component of this salad plays a roll to make it refreshing, and keep-going-for-next-bite-while-you-talk kinda delicious! well... you can stop talking, but you won't stop digging into this salad! I promise!I was hooked to this salad since I tasted it first-time in Boudin Bakery. Very re...

No sweet but a special spiced Breakfast for weekend!

Spiced Sour Cream Waffles with Stewed Cranberries

Aroma of fresh made waffles can make any morning special! And if these waffles are ginger spiced sour cream waffles, topped with stewed cranberries, then this is certainly an extra special occasion! Valentine's day is coming on Saturday this year, I think... a delicious breakfast in bed will be an excellen...

Bonus Salad!

Green Beans Salad with Apples and Orange Dressing

This whole week I have been on mission to not stand in kitchen for long and share only easy recipes. Trust me, friends, this whole week temperature has been above 90s. Wednesday was official first day of fall and it feels like peak summers here.So I thought to continue my theme of easy recipes. Like this G...

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