Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce

The recipe for Baked Tilapia with creamy mustard sauce is easy and comes together quickly. Simply assemble the sauce, pour over tilapia and bake until fish flakes. Perfect for delish weeknight dinner!

Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce
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Baked Tilapia with mustard sauce - an easy baked fish recipe that comes together very quickly. The base mustard sauce takes just 5 minutes to assemble. When tilapia fish bakes in the sauce, it cooks moist and bursting with tangy mustard flavor. It is a perfect weeknight dinner that you can ready at moment's notice. Gluten free, low carb.

Oh, don't forget to serve crusty bread on the side to scoop the delicious sauce. Sauce also pairs well with side of spaghetti or penne pasta. I recommend  to serve a refreshing salad on the side. Try Heirloom Tomato Salad or Massaged Kale Salad.

Baked Tilapia

Everyone in my family enjoys a good fish dinner. Fish is not only easy to cook, healthy but also makes a delicious dinner option. I love to keep few healthier and low-oil/oil-free fish recipes in my repertoire to make fish dinner at moment's notice.

Mustard Baked Tilapia

Today's recipe I first posted on blog 12 years ago. Recently when I served baked tilapia with mustard for dinner, I thought about adding new pictures to the old recipe. Honestly, it's a nostalgic recipe.

Baked Tilapia

The aroma of fresh fish baking with mustard sauce reminded me of old blog days when I stood hours to take pictures of recipes. I was a newbie and had no idea of all photography gears that can do the job in minutes instead of hours.

What Do You Need to Make Baked Tilapia?

Here is what you need to make Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce:

  1. Tilapia Fillets
  2. Crème Fraiche
  3. Mustard - Dijon and wholegrain
  4. Capers
  5. Onion
  6. Lemon zest
  7. Salt and Pepper

Baked Tilapia Mustard Sauce Ingredients

That's it. Really all you need is: ingredients 2-7 are for Mustard Sauce and Tilapia. 

Mustard Sauce

For mustard sauce, I use French style clotted cream or crème fraiche. Crème Fraiche will not break when heated. This makes a creamy sauce which is never broken.

Two kinds of mustards - Dijon mustard and Wholegrain mustard adds double flavor of mustard and give perfect mustardy flavor to the sauce. I highly recommend using both. The flavor of onion is very subtle in the sauce. Along with capers, these two give sauce depth of flavor.

I have to say that while fish and lemon is match made in heaven, mustard works great with fish too. In-fact, I used a few tbsps of leftover sauce for dipping the vegetables I served on the side. So so good! Even if you don't want to bake the fish, you can try scrumptious mustard sauce with French fries or fresh steamed vegetables.


Tilapia is lean white fish. It is low in calories and bakes perfectly moist in 12-15 minutes. The best about baked tilapia is that you can use any tangy and bold flavor paste and it will make perfect flavorful tilapia.

Tilapia Fillets Ready to Bake in Oven

For instance, if you tried my recipe for Air Fryer Miso Salmon? The same Miso marinade goes great with tilapia fillets. Bake in the oven or even in the air fryer!

Note: Always remember to fully pat dry fish before baking. Moisture in fish will result in thin sauce. If using frozen fish, thaw fully and pat dry.

Baking Tilapia with Mustard Sauce

Once sauce is mixed and fillets are pat dried. Simply preheat the oven and get tilapia ready to bake.

Making Baked Tilapia

Spread a layer of sauce at the bottom of oven-proof dish. Layer fish in single layer on the top of mustard sauce. Spoon remaining sauce on the top covering fish completely. Fully covering fish in the sauce keeps fish moist as it bakes.

Tilapia Fillets with Mustard Sauce

Baking Tilapia Bake tilapia with sauce at 425 degree Fahrenheit for 12-15 minutes. Check in last 2-3 minutes. If fish flakes easily then it is ready.

Creamy Baked Tilapia Fillets

5 Ounce of crème fraiche makes good sauce to serve on the side with bread. Recipe also doubles easily.

When we are on vegetarian diet, I bake veggies such as cauliflower, broccoli in the same sauce. It makes an excellent vegetarian side dish. (hint hint)

Tilapia with Sauce

What To Serve with Baked Tilapia (5 Recipe Ideas)

A saucy creamy baked fish such as this Baked Tilapia goes great with crusty bread or rice. A refreshing side salad is good for a daily serving of greens. Here are my favorite recipes to serve with Baked Fish:

Busy Weeknights - Quick Dinner

This one pot fish recipe you can totally trust during busy weekdays/weeknights, combine sauce ingredients and leave in refrigerator. In evening, just preheat oven, spoon sauce over fish and bake for easy, healthy, flavorful fish dinner in just 15 minutes. Serve with bread or steamed rice on the side.

Pairing Ideas:

Basic Rosemary Focaccia Bread Parmesan Asparagus in Air Fryer Heirloom Tomato Salad

Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce

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Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: French () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 1.5 lbs Baked Fish - Serves: 4



  • Step for Recipe - Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce 1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. In a bowl, combine the creme fraiche, both mustard - stone ground and dijon, minced red onion, capers, salt, black pepper, lemon zest. Mix well until salt is fully mixed in. Set aside.
  • Step for Recipe - Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce 2. Spoon 1/4 of the sauce on the bottom of a large ovenproof baking dish and spread evenly. Place tilapia fish fillets in the dish. Spoon the remaining sauce over the tilapia fillets, making sure the fish is completely covered.
  • Step for Recipe - Baked Tilapia with Mustard Sauce 3. Bake uncovered for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish. Once done take out and let rest for 5 minutes. Serve hot with the sauce from the pan spooned over the top. Enjoy with a slice of bread or rice and fresh salad.
Savita's Notes:
  1. Recipe doubles easily, you can always make it for 4 or 8, cooking time remains the same.
  2. Don't overcook the fish. Keep an eye in last few minutes. Tilapia will flake easily when it's done (check thickest part after first 10 minutes).
  3. Frozen Fish: If using frozen fish fillets, thaw fully before baking. Also wipe any trace of liquid with clean kitchen paper towel. Wet fish will result in watery sauce.

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  1. Can I make this on a skillet using a stovetop instead of baking in oven?
  2. My family absolutely loved it! Thank you!
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    Thanks for letting me know!
  4. This looks good! Will try this recipe ASAP. If I cannot find creme fraiche, could I substitute with regular sour cream?
    I recommend if using sour cream, add 2 tbsp of mayo. that will work without breaking the sauce.
  5. This sauce is amazing! The whole recipe was a winner and it impressed everyone at the table! Delish!
    Thanks for letting me know!
  6. I really love the sauce with the fish. I don't have tilapia, will try with cod.
    The sauce will work perfectly with cod. Enjoy!
  7. This was so flavorful and easy to make! Thank you so much for sharing
    Thanks. I'm happy to share!
  8. Oh wow, this looks so delicious. My family is going to devour it!
    Go for it 🙌
  9. I haven’t try this recipe yet. I am going to make it tonight. Do I cover the fish with foil when I bake it or just leave it uncovered? Recipes always leave this out lol
    Hi Tammy, I don't cover the dish with foil.
  10. Wauw fish looks perfectly cooked. I'll be trying soon!
  11. I always follow your blog for new recipe ideas. Thanks Savita, you have great blog and recipes. I am planning to make your Tilapia with mustard sauce tonight - looks easy to execute.
    You will love the flavor. It's for sure an easy recipe!
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