Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk

A 5-ingredient kitchen-friendly easy Indian sweet made with milk, sugar, condensed milk and touch of cardamom!

Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Kalakand Burfi, a 5-ingredient easy Indian sweet which tastes like a fudge-like milk cake. Gluten free with easy to find pantry ingredients, this dessert is perfect to bring some sweetness in festive season.

No matter where you live, sweets are quintessential to celebrate a festival or special occasion. Today, it is Holi, festival of colors, in India. So, I thought a sweet milk burfi, Kalakand is perfect to celebrate the occasion. 

Friends, Happy Holi!! 

I hope you having great time. If you are wondering what sweet treat to serve for Holi? This easy recipe is perfect for the occasion. You know the best part? You will have all ingredients to make Kalakand at home right now!! No need of a grocery-store trip.

Oh, if you don't have Condensed Milk handy or just because you don't want to use it? I'm also sharing a simple step to make same delicious Kalakand Burfi with just milk, and sugar! 

5 ingredient easy Indian Milk Burfi gluten free and delicious |

Traditionally, Kalakand Burfi is made with simmering simple whole milk with sugar and acid to separate whey from milk solids and then cooked low and slow until all whey evaporates and resulting sweet milk solids are concentrating the milk-fudge flavor... pure divine and scrumptious treat for sweet lovers.

Condensed milk in this recipe is my idea to reduce the time of cooking and make burfi more rich and creamy. I still rely on the pure whole milk solids for that chewy kalakand burfi texture.... condensed milk is only added to reduce the cooking time and ready kalakand much faster than traditional way. 

I know, I'm little late in keeping my promise. :) But, I'm sure you will agree... yesterday's Chocolate Carrot Cake recipe and this Kalakand Burfi recipe are actually twinning! Not just in looks and in rich decadent taste... even in quality of being gluten free. Interesting! Isn't it? 

Indian Milk Burfi known as kalakand for an easy dessert for festivals |

Making Kalakand at home is super easy!

I start by bringing a pot of whole milk to rolling boil and then add diluted lemon juice to separate the milk solids from water whey. 

When I don't have condensed milk or I'm not in mood to use it, I simply let milk solids and whey cook on stove.. low and slow until watery whey evaporates (almost all of it) and milk solids is chewy, sweet and rich in taste. A little bit of ghee moistens the milk solids and also help the mixture set to cut into pieces later.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

Happy Holi once again! 

Be Safe, eat lots of sweets and enjoy! 

Pairing Ideas:

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Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk

Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Indian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 6-8 Servings - Serves: 6
(No. of servings depends on serving size.)


Kalakand Burfi
Smart Swap: Add some chopped blanched almonds for rich nutty texture.


  • Step for Recipe - Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk 1. Bring milk to rolling boil with half of sugar and cardamom. While milk is boiling, mix lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of water and set aside.
    Step for Recipe - Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk 2. When milk reaches boiling point, remove cardamom pods, lower the heat and add lemon-water mixture stirring continuously to mix it fully in milk. (keep heat medium low.) Milk will start to curdle and milk solids (cheese solids) will separate from whey.
  • Step for Recipe - Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk 3. Boil milk for 1 more minute until whey is clearly separated from milk solids (chena). Remove pot form heat and discard about of 1 cup of the watery whey (I use a laddle (indian kadchi) or cup with long handle to remove excess watery whey). Additional Notes: Not planning to use Condensed Milk? Don't discard watery whey and let it cook in the pot until consistency matches to picture in step 4.
    Step for Recipe - Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk 4. Add in remaining sugar, condensed milk and simmer on low heat until water is all absorbed and a little syrup is left behind. Mix in ghee (clarified butter). Don't dry out milk solids (chena) fully or kalakand burfi will not bind well.
  • Step for Recipe - Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk 5. Grease a thali or baking sheet with butter or ghee. Pour hot kalakand condensed milk mixture into the pan and level quickly with spoon. Let cool a little, then keep refrigerated until fully chilled.
    Step for Recipe - Indian Kalakand Burfi with Condensed Milk 6. Cut into pieces and serve! enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for this amazing recipe I just made it for my Kanha Ji’s Birthday ☺️💕🙏