Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce

Chicken breast with creamy mushroom cream sauce laced with the flavor of garlic, wine, and parmesan. A flavorful one skillet main course that needs only 10 minutes of prep. You will love the flavors.

Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce

This recipe for Chicken breast with creamy Mushroom Cream Sauce is my favorite lite version of classic Mushroom Alfredo. Seasoned with garlic, parmesan, white wine, thyme and black pepper (a must), the mushroom sauce cooks pleasantly savory, creamy, and develops complex depth of flavor. It has potential to become your favorite creamy chicken dinner. I bet! 

The best about this Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce is that it is a very quick and simple recipe, needs mostly pantry ingredients, and just 35 minutes start to finish. I love serving this to my family for a comforting yet quick Spring dinner.

Mostly with side of green salad and crusty bread to mop the creamy sauce. Occasionally we love it with pasta or steamed Jasmine rice. 

Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce

I love developing recipes that I can cook in one skillet, start to finish. This recipe is no different. So making creamy parmesan garlic mushroom chicken is very easy. Working in one skillet also helps dish get more flavor boost.

Honestly, the mushroom sauce comes out so delicious. Hard to believe its came together in 20 minutes.

Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce

In one skillet start to finish (as shown in pictures above), I start by:

Cooking the chicken halves until cooked through. I use chicken halves instead of whole breast because it cuts the cooking time in half. Specially when paired with creamy sauce, chicken breast stays moist and juicy. 

Furthermore, I dredge chicken in a little bit of flour before cooking. This helps develop a nice crust on the chicken breast. Also helps lock in the moisture. Resulting chicken breast is always moist and never dry. 

Making Skillet Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce

Once chicken is cooked, mushroom cream sauce comes together very quickly. The bits of caramelized chicken-flour crust stuck in the skillet gives sauce a delicious depth of of flavor.

It also helps thicken the sauce slightly better. This is my little secret to make a lite alfredo sauce. Instead of eggs, milk, cream and lots of cheese; I only use half of the cream, chicken stock (additional flavor booster), and little bit of parmesan cheese. 

Chicken and Mushroom Sauce

There will be no raw flour or eggy taste in this mushroom sauce. Yet sauce is silky smooth with nice shine. (Yummy)

What to Serve with Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce

The best way to enjoy the creamy sauce is to serve Mushroom Sauce with rice or pasta. Pasta such as Spaghetti or Angel Hair egg pasta. Crusty bread also works to mop the creamy sauce.

To serve low-carb, try zoodles, a green salad, or cauliflower rice.

Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken with Broccoli

Oh, to make it super healthy, try caramelized broccoli on the side. My favorite. (as shown in picture above)

To cook caramelize broccoli, in the same skillet before cooking chicken; heat 1/2 tablespoon of the cooking oil. Season and place broccoli cut side down in single layer. Let it cook undisturbed until sugars in broccoli caramelize. Remove in a plate and reserve to serve on the side of Chicken with Mushroom Sauce.

Friends, cook something different for the dinner tonight. This delicious and creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushroom Sauce and Chicken will make dinner very special. 35 mins to make. Don't forget the side of jasmine rice, or pasta or cauliflower rice to mop the creamy sauce. (yum) Happy cooking!

Pairing Ideas:

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Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce

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Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Italian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: family meal - Serves: 4



  • Step for Recipe - Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce 1. Prep Ingredients In a large plastic bag, add flour, half of the salt and half of the black pepper. Shake well to mix. Add chicken breast halves. Toss to fully dredge in flour. Set aside. Wash and thin slice mushrooms. Thin slice garlic.
    Step for Recipe - Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce 2. Cook Chicken In a large skillet, heat half of the cooking oil. Remove chicken breasts from plastic bag (shake off access flour). Place in skillet in single layer. Cook undisturbed until nice brown crust forms. Flip and cook other side until chicken is cooked through. 3-4 minutes each side. See Note 1.
  • Step for Recipe - Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce 3. Sauté Mushrooms Once chicken is cooked, remove and set aside in a plate. In now empty skillet, add remaining cooking oil, butter, garlic, thyme, chili flakes, sliced mushrooms and remaining salt. Sauté mushrooms until water is almost evaporated. (4-5 minutes)
    Step for Recipe - Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce 4. Deglaze Add white wine and let the alcohol cook off leaving behind just the flavor of wine. (about 3 minutes) While simmering, use rubber spatula to scrap off any tasty bits still stuck at the bottom of skillet.
  • Step for Recipe - Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce 5. Make Mushroom Cream Sauce Now add chicken stock, heavy cream. Bring to boil and then simmer until sauce thickens. (4-5 minutes) When sauce starts to thicken, add parmesan cheese. Mix until fully melted. Taste and adjust salt. Add all remaining black pepper.
    Step for Recipe - Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce 6. Finish, Garnish and Serve Return cooked chicken breast along with any juices collected in plate to the skillet. Heat on low until chicken is heated through. Garnish with fresh chopped herbs. Serve hot with side of rice or pasta.
Savita's Notes:
  1. If using small skillet, don't overcrowd or pile-up chicken, instead cook in batches. Chicken halves take 3-4 minutes to cook each side. If using whole chicken breast, it will take longer to cook.
  2. Don't worry about chicken and flour bits stuck in skillet. These will come out when deglazed. Plus will give sauce a delicious flavor boost.

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