Homemade Salsa Recipes

Make Salsa at home, it's easy! Learn to use it many more ways than Chips and Salsa.
Homemade Salsa Recipes

Finishing long weekend with a round-up of my favorite Salsa Recipes and recipes to use homemade salsa. Salsa is a vibrant combination of sweet, sour, heat and crunch. Chips and Salsa of-course are best together... But you can use salsa many other ways such as brighten-up tacos, top on grilled meats, add to burrito bowls..

...Not stop there because you can even cook chicken in salsa for an amazing 1 Ingredient Salsa Chicken.

This recipe and more in the collection. I recommend trying my Spicy Mango Salsa because it is stealing the show every time I make some. 

Let's look at recap of life, and little bit of this and that from May:

1) If you love Noodles, I shared two new amazing recipes in May: Ramen Noodles Salad and Soba Noodle Stir-Fry. (can never have enough!)

2) In May, we took a foodie tour of a local German-theme village. To my surprise, I found more Cuban food there than German food. Honestly, this is why I decided to compile my Salsa recipes.

On a side note, there are a few delicious Salsa I tried that I can't wait to bring to you in coming weeks. So check back again.

For now, enjoy Salsa with Chips or Cook with Salsa using one of these delicious recipes.

Wish you a wonderful week ahead.

-Savita x

Salsa Recipes:

Roasted Poblano and Black-Eyed Peas Salsa

In spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, sharing with you a bowl of zesty Black-eyed Peas and Poblano Salsa!Loaded with sweet cherry tomatoes, mild heat of roasted poblano chilies, and nutrition packed black-eyed peas, this bowl of salsa will sure score a touchdown with the football fans in your family! I'm a hug...

Chili Lime Roasted Corn Salsa

Caution! This Chili Lime Corn Salsa is so addictive, your chips bowl will be empty much before you think it would. My take on Chipotle's Chili Lime Corn Salsa has sweetness and deep corn flavor from roasted sweet corn and three kinds of chilies for extra kick. Lime juice and red wine vinegar balance the sw...

Roasted Corn and Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted Corn and Tomatillo Salsa also called roasted - salsa verde and it is my favorite at any Mexican restaurants we visit. Tomatillos are considered a staple ingredient in Mexican cooking. These remind me of gooseberries I love to enjoy at home in summers and I found that actually tomatillos belong to g...

Fire Roasted Tomatillo Salsa - My other Chipotle Mexican Grill Favorite

Few simple recipes just touch your heart and above all your taste palate. Tomatillo Salsa is one of such simple yet very flavorful Mexican condiment that I can never get enough. My first introduction to roasted salsa was in Chiptole's Mexican Grill, while eating a vegan bean and rice bowl. Back then, chip...

Chipotle Salsa (Hot Salsa)

I absolutely love a good salsa. I'm more of a spicy hot salsa kinda girl and lately I have been loving this chipotle salsa recipe. It's the one I made with some leftover chipotle pepper and since then fell in love with hot kick of this salsa. I find this salsa great for entertaining, really a perfect crowd...

Spicy Mango Salsa

Crowd-pleasing, Game Day favorite bowl of Salsa and Chips! This Salsa recipe is special because it is sweet and hot at the same time. The sweetness of ripe summer mangoes and spicy of cumin, jalapeno and hot sauce! This combination of flavors is so good that you can scoop with chips or serve on the side wi...

This is Roasted Corn Salad which is also used as Salsa.

Esquites - Mexican Corn Salad

Esquites, the Mexican Corn Salad is a sweet and spicy roasted corn salad which showcase two things - bold Mexican flavors and simplicity of ingredients. Pleasantly spicy, smokey, and perfect combination of sweet and sour.. Esquites is MUST try salad at-least once in lifetime. Esquites is a three-in-one re...

How to Cook and Use Salsa:

5 Ingredients Crockpot Salsa Chicken

With this recipe, I'm giving you an easy, I mean, seriously super easy chicken dinner recipe. This is a kinda recipe which you can put together, right now.. I mean right this minute. Just if you have few simple spices in pantry.. then this 5 ingredients crock pot salsa chicken is actually 2-ingredients rec...

Delicious with Salsa Verde

Baked Salmon with Salsa Verde

Let's start Monday healthy, full of omega-3s, less fat, and herbaceous, zippy, and spicy Mexican flavors... and let's not work more than 25 minutes to put this dinner together! How awesome is that?! Yes, my friends! I'm taking about a 10 minute perfectly baked salmon with delicious roasted salsa verde and...

Garlic Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa

This are no ordinary Fish Tacos but garlic-citrus Shrimp Tacos with spicy mango salsa and garlicky pan taco sauce. That much and a weekday dinner promise with just 15 minutes of prep. Above all, you will love the flavors.Sit back, relax, and let's enjoy scrumptious Taco Tuesday.Easy shrimp tacos is totally...

Southwest Skillet Quinoa (Rice) and Beans with Tomato-Mint Salsa

A great skillet to make for weekday dinner that is packed with ton of flavor from chipotle, beans, sweet corn, spices, hearty and healthy quinoa, topped with quick and juicy mint-tomatoes and lime salsa. Does this sound like a scrumptious weekday dinner or what?To me, it's even great for yummy, filling, an...

Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa

Sharing with you, one of my favorite breakfast, where leftovers are the Star and which I can eat for dinner too! Any given day! Yes, my friends! I'm taking about Mexican Chilaquiles which can give new life to your otherwise going stale bag of leftover tortillas, in just 15 minutes!! I always shirk from buy...

Try with Salsa Verde or Mango Salsa

Roasted Cauliflower Chipotle Tofu Veggie Bowl

Let's make Taco Tuesday deliciously healthy with this bright, lite and spicy Veggie Bowl. This spicy Chipotle Veggie Bowl is my healthy re-take on Chipotle Sofritas recipe with chipotle sauce roasted cauliflower, tofu and cilantro-lime quinoa.Since I stared making Chipotle Sofritas at home, I add this spic...

Delicious with Salsa Verde

Tacos Al Pastor

Do you love enjoying Tacos Al Pastor in your favorite Mexican Restaurant? Imagine serving same fire-pit style juicy charred Chicken Al Pastor tacos at home, made from scratch with lots of pineapples and chilies. Only 15 minutes prep and easy to find ingredients. I'm certain, this easy recipe will make your...

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  1. Savita, you missed my favorite Salsa of all times! Where is Pico? Love your recipes though! Thank you for compiling this collection. :)