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Change flavor of pre-made mashed potatoes

12 Flavor Enhancers for Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes are never boring for my family though I am not a very big fan of potatoes. As soon as I see a bowl of mashed potatoes, for me it is the time to try some flavor enhancers. All of these enhancers are good for about 2 cups of mashed potatoes. so please adjust the ingredients per quantity of mashed potatoes and per taste and enjoy!!
Pairing Ideas:

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12 Flavor Enhancers for Mashed Potatoes

12 Flavor Enhancers for Mashed Potatoes
Total Time Prep Time Cook Time Serves 2


  • 2 Cup Potatoes  (Pre-made or Homemade Mashed Potatoes)


  • 1. Curry Powder – Heat a tbsp of oil, add 1 heaping tsp of curry powder, heat for 20 seconds and then pour it over mashed potatoes. Mix well.
  • 2. Chives and Cilantro – Fine dice chives and cilantro and mix it in mashed potatoes.
  • 3. Caramelized Onions – I can eat anything with caramelized onions anytime of a day and guess what, you add these to mashed potatoes and super delicious.
  • 4. Cumin Seeds and Brown Butter – Melt a tbsp of butter till foam disappears. Add cumin seeds and let them sputter for 15 seconds. Mix in mashed potatoes and wallah!!
  • 5. Fresh thyme and lemon – Mix thyme and lemon juice together and just add to potatoes. it is that simple.
  • 6. Roasted garlic – You will love this one, excellent flaovr enhancer but only if you are ok with lots and lots of garlic.
  • 7. Capers and Greek Yogurt – Just blend in yogurt and and top with capers.
  • 8. Bacon bits and bacon fat – You cannot go wrong with bacon.
  • 9. Smoked paprika and Garlic powder – a dash of paprika per you taste and little bit of garlic powder goes a long way.
  • 10. Siraracha and a tsp of soy sauce, amazing with potatoes anytime.
  • 11. Lemon and Rosemary – lemon adds lots of zing to potatoes anytime. And lemon-rosemary is like match made in heaven.
  • 12. Kimchi – fine dice kimchi and mix it in potatoes. Perfect bite ever!!!
Savita's Notes:
Please note that here I am sharing with you methods to enhance flavor of mashed potatoes, so the prep or cook time does not include time to make mashed potatoes.

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  1. I think I have to try few of your flavor suggestions. Very good post.
  2. I tried your idea of mixing in curry powder with mashed potato leftovers , amazing bite ever. I had Potato leftovers as well as curry powder sitting in my pantry since long. This way i will finish the whole bottle :)
  3. Kimchi and Potatoes, wow, i should have thought about it first. loving t.
  4. I love mashed potatoes and like your site a lot. thanks for all these recipes.