Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 4 (Vegetarian)

Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 4 (Vegetarian)

Hello Friends! 

Today's meal plan theme is - vegetarian! 

We have been on meatless diet past one month.. So I decided to compile a vegetarian meal menu for coming week. 

Honestly, I have so many easy vegetarian recipes on the blog that it was kinda difficult to pick just 10.  If you wish to explore more ways to cook vegetarian meals? There is big list - here.

Now let's look at what I did pick for coming week's menu!

As always, menu includes a lite Monday dinner, a vegetarian homemade bread, and an all vegetarian dessert. You know what?! I have even picked better-than-tacos Mexican favorite for taco Tuesday! Hurrah!! 

Best thing about this veggie menu is that all recipe's main component - from sauce to beans burgers, can be prepared over the weekend. So you can cook an easy and quick yet delicious vegetarian meal, on weekdays, at moment's notice. Sounds good?

Wish you a wonderful weekend.

PS: Don't get discouraged if you like meat-veggie proportionate menu for week! I have been sharing those in past weeks. Check the list here.

-Savita x

Monday - Let's fix Monday with an easy and healthy meatless (of course), and vegan meal! (gluten free too when served with rice)

Chipotle Sofritas - Chipotle Mexican Grill's Braised Sofritas Copycat

By now, you know for sure, I am a die-hard Chipotle Mexican Grill's Chipotle Sofritas fan! And If you are here, reading this post, you are no different either. :) I know, I know, chipotle grill has made this vegan tofu sofritas so darn tasty that everyone just loves it. Recently, I watched a documentary on...

Tuesday - These eggless Black Bean Nacho burgers can beat tacos in popularity test! :) Patties can be prepared ahead and frozen for Mexican burger feast in minutes!

Nacho Cheese Crunch Black Bean Burger

Spicy Black Bean Burgers, egg-less, meatless veggie black bean patties spiced with chipotle and topped with all-you-want-in-nacho-cheese crunchy toppings!! These Spicy Black Bean Burgers are perfect to serve deliciousness of Nachos and taste of summer grilling... all summed up in one scrumptious meal! Smok...

Wednesday - Homemade Puttanesca pasta sauce is best way to enjoy vegetarian Italian dinner at home! (Cauliflower will not let you feel the need of meat)

Roasted Cauliflower Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca - herbaceous Italian-staple spiced tomato and olives sauce pasta, served vegan with roasted cauliflower. A complete weekday dinner, ready in just 30 minutes start to finish! Also including instructions to make Puttanesca Sauce in advance. With sauce already ready, all you have to do for d...

Thursday - A sandwich with your favorite cup of soup! Dinner is served!

Cranberries, Asparagus and Pickled Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Inspired from love of vegetables, this Grilled Cheese Sandwich delivers scrumptious vegetarian flavors of crunchy asparagus and earthy mushrooms, a duo of mild Cheddar and fruity MontAmoré cheeses, with chipotle spiced vegetarian sausage, pickled jalapenos and tart cranberries. Earthy, sweet and spicy flav...

Friday - A quick and filling soup is my favorite way to fix Friday dinner!

Tomato and Rice Soup with Chickpeas

First month of the year is, almost, about to end! Time passes so quickly, it feels like New Year Eve was just yesterday! Even though it is still pretty cold in many parts of the country.... our sunny San Diego has declared almost summers... with 73 degrees daytime temperature.... It doesn't feel good........

Saturday - Let's eat some Indian cauliflower curry for Saturday dinner! It goes great with homemade naan!

Aloo Gobi - Cauliflower Potato Curry

Sharing a delicious and easy Indian Cauliflower Potato Curry known as Aloo Gobi and also declaring Masala Thursday theme for blog. Aloo Gobi or Gobi Aloo (Cauliflower Potato Curry) is relatively dry curry with thick masala coating potatoes and cauliflower. It is a lite yet very comforting vegetarian main c...

Sunday - These noodles are as delicious as these are easy to prepare! Meal is ready in just 15 minutes!

Buckwheat Soba Noodles with Coconut-Lime Tofu

This sesame garlic soba noodles and spinach stir fry with sweet and lemony coconut-lime tofu is perfect to start meatless Monday fit and healthy. In just 15 minutes from kitchen to dinner tables, this quick dinner can fit in any schedule! In my family, not just dinner, this vegan noodle bowl is also for lu...

There is always room for a drink!

Strawberry Basil Mojito

A refreshing, seasonal fresh strawberries, tropical lychee nuts and basil mojito for your next Outdoor BBQ Party. This is a drink, your guest will be asking 'recipe' for, I'm telling yaa! It is healthy and satisfying to use local ingredients and home grown herbs to mix up drinks for friends and family. Hom...

Dessert - Something sweet but vegetarian. Made with fresh carrots, and condensed milk.. this sweet is even good for snacking. Oh, and no baking required.

Indian Gajar Halwa Ladoo - Sweet Carrot and Coconut Truffles

During winters, Indian Gajar Halwa is one winter comfort food that probably is favorite of everyone old or young alike! I don't think you will find any Indian who has not tasted Carrot Halwa.Also know as Gajarela (carrots are called Gajar in Hindi, hence Gajar-ela) in some parts of country. Traditionally,...

Bread - Are you fan of Indian Garlic bread? then I have this no-yeast recipe for you!

Homemade No Yeast Garlic Butter Naan

Sharing today, one of my favorite Indian Bread, Garlic Butter Naan which is easy to cook, and don't need yeast or lengthy fermentation time. In India, everyone still don't feel comfortable using yeast in everyday cooking. Few weeks ago, when I shared Garlic Naan, everyone back home expected it to be withou...

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