16 Popsicles Recipes and Frozen Treats

16 Popsicles Recipes and Frozen Treats

Popsicles are my favorite way to enjoy chilled treats in hot summer days! With sun shinning so-bright, we crave for frozen treats all-time! Having few kinds of frozen treats in freezer help us beat-the-heat and have some fun!

Today, I have complied few of my favorite popsicles and frozen treats to make your summer cooling and exciting!! From Healthy Frozen Yogurt, Vegan Sorbet, to Fruit Popsicles, this collection has some of the BEST recipes to keep every kid happy! ( I have also included some Boozy Cocktail Popsicles for Adult Kids in the house!! :) )

Don't worry if you don't have popsicle molds!! Even when I don't use Popsicle molds, I love portioning Frozen Treats in natural fruit-peel-cups, cup-cake molds, and even ice cubes!!! Here are the recipes to unfold all those secrets!!

Checkout the ideas below and start freezing away!!!

Organic Raw Cocoa, Almonds and Milk Ice Pops

Sharing with you organic raw cocoa and cream Ice Pops with almonds - a sweet and chocolaty (healthier) frozen treat for kids! One thing that this gorgeous and yummy Ice Pops want is patience. Patience?? yes! I will not lie to you. The ingredients for Cocoa Ice Pops are ready in 15 minutes and then if you...

Cucumber, Lime and Basil Sorbet

Hello Friends! I hope you all enjoying the weekend! Today, I'm sharing with you a fun, refreshing, vegan sorbet that just demands only 15 minutes of your time! Yes! Trust me! Only grab ingredient, blend, mix, and freeze!! It is that simple! And good news!! it even don't need an ice cream machine..... conti...

Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Hello Everyone! Today, I'm sharing with you a quick and easy method of making no-sugar, instant banana pudding frozen yogurt! Healthy, gluten free, egg-free, and can be ready at moment's notice! Also, indeed a fun way to use ripe banana in your fruit basket!This post is part of "Use The Produce" post! Toda...

Black Pepper and Pistachio Ice Cream Pops

A creamy 5-ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream Pops recipe that comes with not-so-expected surprise of peppery black peppercorns bite! This delicious treat is perfect for anyone with not-so-sweet-tooth craving for a frozen treat!These ice cream pops are sweet and creamy but a surprise bite of crushed black pepp...

Gulkand Milk Badam Kulfi

These two recipes are so in-separable for me, that I have to share either both or none. I have essentially grown-up, drinking Milk Badam (Almond-flavored Milk) and eating Badam-Kulfi (Almond-Milk Pops).First, before we dig into this nostalgic "milk badam" I would like to clear Badam Milk is not milk extrac...

Coconut Lemonade Sorbet

A creamy 5-Ingredient Coconut Lemonade Sorbet recipe that tastes like summer sunshine! This quick treat is perfect for summer parties and can be made 2-3 weeks ahead!I love lemonade and lemon based drinks all year long, not just in summers! Even my daily dose of water has a splash of lemon all day! Today,...

Mango and Coconut Popsicles

Mango and Coconut freezer ice pops or popsicles melt so quickly when out of fridge and melt in your mouth even faster. Yes, no kidding, these lolly pops are rich, creamy and mouthwatering good. Take a bite and some crunchy sugar crystals will roll in your mouth followed by tang of mango and creamy whip cr...

Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt

Seasonal fresh strawberries, super food chia seeds and ever green yogurt in one scrumptious sweet treat - Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt. Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt always reminds me of Whole Foods frozen food section. I often see a huge variety of frozen fruit desserts with chia seeds there. I mostly co...

Peach and Yogurt Lollies

Peach and Yogurt Lollies are the perfect lite way to finish a heavy meal. I specially recommend it for everyone looking for low calorie or sugar-free desserts. Slight tang from yogurt and perfect summer sweet peachy taste with slight nodes of honey is too good to resist. I love eating yogurt lollies after...

Cucumber Lime Cocktail Ice Pops

These cocktail Ice Pops were refreshing chilled summer treat!! Yes, you read it right, Cocktail Ice Pops!!, as if cocktails in pretty glasses were not enough! I am an ice pops fanatic in summers and wanted to try something different than just freezing fruits. My freezer always has some seasonal frozen frui...

Mango On The Rocks Cocktail Ice Pops

Mango on the Rocks, a cocktail in Ice Pops with tropical mango, lime and rum. Mango Popsicles are delightful treat for a mango lovers and totally justify their name. These cocktail ice pops are pure mango ice pops with hint of lime and slight nodes of rum.With Rock 'n' Roll marathon in San Deigo tomorrow....

Watermelon and Grapes Ice Pops

Watermelon is fruit of season. My friend asked me last week about what else can she make after brining a whole big watermelon home other then adding to salads. I promised her to add few recipes with watermelon. Making watermelon ice pops was the first idea that strike me. Bring a big melon home, eat as muc...

Tri-Color Fruit Ice Pops

Tri-Color Fruit Ice Pops are so colorful fresh summer treat. Summers have brought so much heat this July, all we want is something to cool down. Last weekend I blended some fresh fruits with Agave syrup to create these cold sweet fruit pops. Well, yes you heard it, whole ideas is to avoid heavy Ice Cream c...

Strawberry Yogurt Swirls

For these cold sweet healthy Ice Pops, you can use any kind of berries, I prefer strawberries for bright red color. Use of yogurt and Agave syrup keeps it healthy and no guilt feelings after finishing meal with sweet treat. I have used orange juice to add some sweetness to strawberries puree, If they still...

Banana Ice Cream

Frozen Banana Ice Cream is a gluten free dessert which you can make quickly in 10 minutes. This is most natural and quick three ingredient dessert ever!!Just honey, frozen bananas and hint of milk and you can please your kids anytime of the day. Kids love this banana Ice-cream and moms are happy because th...

Shri Khand

Yogurt Sweet Dish is light, yummy and very easy to assemble. We are sharing with you two ways to make Shri Khand (Sweet Hung Yogurt), Mango and Cardamom flavored. You can try many variations of this dessert. We recommend trying Lychee Puree/Banana Puree in place of Mango Puree.

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